Chapter 17: I Have No Such Thoughts Toward You

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Lu Wenbin did his best to help Su Ye. In the past, she had always asked him to say good things about her to the chairman, even if they were things that the chairman would not pay attention to. This time, she finally got what she wished for, but who knew that she would not just be unhappy about it, but actually get mad?

“Who told you to say that? We’ve already cancelled our engagement!”

Bo Yunli coolly cast a glance into the room. When he saw that his grandfather was sleeping soundly and did not hear them, he continued reading through the prescription. He then swiftly tapped a few keys on his phone.

Lu Wenbin was so scared that he hunched his shoulders, but then he came to a realization. It was no wonder Su Ye had been so proactive lately. The chairman had mentioned that he wanted to cancel the engagement, so she wanted to salvage the situation.

Lu Wenbin gave Su Ye a glance that said he totally understood her. “Don’t be impatient, Miss Su. The chairman will understand your feelings. The cancelling of the engagement isn’t the same as a divorce, and even if it were a divorce, you could still get remarried.”

He brought out the turquoise pendant and promised, “You were a major help to me, so I will definitely help you—”

“Lu Wenbin!” Su Ye interrupted him. “I have no such thoughts toward him!”

He actually thought that all that she did was to curry favor with Bo Yunli? In the past, she would have turned around and walked away after something like this, but she could not do it now. She was POOR.

The moment she spoke her words, Bo Yunli looked up at her, which was something rare. He said nothing and just stared at her coldly.

Lu Wenbin scratched the back of his head. “Then, what was the meaning of the gaze you gave me just now?”

“It means I want payment.” Su Ye turned to Bo Yunli and went straight to the point. “The prescription I made cannot be bought with money. Besides, I immediately made three prescriptions for the morning, afternoon, and night. Since we’re family friends, I’ll give you a discount. You just need to pay me six million RMB.”


“H-How much? Six mil?” Lu Wenbin’s eyes nearly popped out of their eye sockets. They did not even know whether her prescriptions would be effective.

Su Ye’s gaze gradually changed from calm to skeptical. ‘Are they thinking about refusing to pay me?’

Just when she wanted to turn around and wake Bo Zhan up, her phone made a beep.

She had received six million RMB.


Bo Yunli leisurely lowered his phone. “That’s how it’s supposed to be.”

This time, he agreed to Su Ye’s suggestion. Prescriptions bought with real money bought ease of mind when used.

He then saw the money grubbing expression on Su Ye’s face when she received the money. “I hope that you will do as you said just now.”

Su Ye was in a good mood, so her tone became more cordial toward him. “Which part?”

Bo Yunli slid his phone into his pocket. When he passed by Su Ye, he leaned over and leisurely said into her ear, “That you won’t have ‘such thoughts’ toward me.”


Both of them were a safe distance away from each other, but his deep and seductive voice got stuck to Su Ye’s ear and crept into her ear canal.


Su Ye dug her ear and scoffed. “Don’t worry about it.”

When Su Ye returned to the Su family, she wanted to go upstairs to prepare the bidding documents, but Nanny Zhang stopped her with a troubled expression. “Miss Ye, the madam wants you to go to the living room.”

It was only then that Su Ye heard laughter from ladies of different ages coming from the south living room. A bad feeling immediately rose in her heart.

Just as she expected, the next second, Nanny Zhang said, “The former lady came back. Madam Rong brought the eldest daughter of the Rong family as well.”

Su Ye pondered over this for a while. “Liu Guifang… I mean, my grandmother. Why did she come here with the Rong family?”

Nanny Zhang cocked her eyebrows. “Miss Ye, did you forget? The former lady went to stay with the Rong family some time ago.”

“Why is she staying with the Rong family?”

“There’s nothing strange about it. The former lady often stays at the Rong family’s mansion.. She is the sister of the deceased former lady of the Rong family, so the Rong family is in a way her maternal family. Besides…”