Chapter 16: Lu Wenbin, the Wingman

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Two men, who were around 180 cm, were outside Master Bo’s bedroom. They were standing normally, but also like they were sneaking around.

Lu Wenbin had his ear to the window fixed on the door. “Master Bo has always been biased toward Miss Su. If anyone else had woken him up, he would have definitely flown into a rage. Miss Su is the only one who can be fine.”

After some time, Lu Wenbin turned to look back. “Chairman, Miss Su has been inside for a long time. Should we go in and check with the excuse that we’re returning the pendant?”

Through the window, Bo Yunli could see that Su Ye’s hand was on his grandfather’s wrist. Her eyes were as bright as lamps, and it did not seem like the two people were having a casual conversation. Instead, it looked like… she was diagnosing him.

On the day when Xu Huanying suggested that they should announce the engagement cancellation after his grandfather passed, Su Ye had said that she was going to come over to treat his grandfather. At that time, he thought that she was acting out of spite. But with what happened to Lin Zhan and the virtually impossible restoration of the pendant as precedents, perhaps she really could…

He had asked countless experts to treat his grandfather, but all of them had left unsuccessful. So, even if there was little hope that she could treat him, Bo Yunli would give it a try.

When he saw that Lu Wenbin was still watching him, he answered gruffly, “We wait.”

Half an hour later, Su Ye came out.

Lu Wenbin swiftly turned around and pretended to be seriously examining the potted plant by the door. Bo Yunli was speechless at the sight of it.

Su Ye shut the door behind her and took out a piece of paper. “These are three different prescriptions for the morning, afternoon, and night. The effects are not the same, so don’t mistake the order. Ensure that he takes them for more than half a year, and the master’s illness will be mostly cured.”

Bo Yunli was slightly stunned. She had really been taking his pulse earlier. When did she learn medicine? And judging by her words, there was still hope for his grandfather?

He reached to take the paper, but Su Ye took a calm step backwards and handed the prescriptions to Lu Wenbin.

Bo Yunli was regarded in disdain twice in a single day, and his anger increased by another degree.


Was this another method Xu Huanying had taught her?

Lu Wenbin noticed the difficult medical jargon on the paper and looked at Su Ye with sparkling eyes. “Miss Su, you really have medical knowledge? That’s amazing! It’s no wonder why you’re so terrible at studies at school. You actually spent all your time studying this!”

“What?” Su Ye frowned. She had heard that her grandniece’s results were not good, but she did not expect that they would be this bad. It was no wonder why she felt that her head was dizzy ever since her reincarnation—it was because it was empty.


“It’s not that I’m bad at studies. I was just keeping a low profile.”


Lu Wenbin really wanted to laugh when he heard this. He had heard about it from the chairman a long time ago. Her marks in every subject were constantly between 0 to 30, and she had to repeat two years of the three years of high school. Of the eight classes she had to take a day, she had to stand in the corridor for four of them on average. How could that be considered to be keeping a low profile?

Su Ye cleared her throat and returned to the main subject. “There’s one herb that’s really rare in the prescriptions. It’s Seven Deities. You can’t buy it in the market, so it won’t be easy to get it…”

Bo Yunli grabbed the prescriptions and said resolutely, “As long as it exists, I’ll get it.”

Su Ye put her hand against her forehead. ‘You sure do make yourself sound cool.’

But whatever the case, it was time to talk about the price.

Su Ye cast a glance at Lu Wenbin and gestured at Bo Yunli with her chin.

She did not want to talk to the degenerate who did not wear clothes that covered his entire body despite the fact that he looked refined. Since Lu Wenbin was the chairman’s special assistant, he should understand her the moment she gave him a glance.


Lu Wenbin was stunned for a moment, but then understood it. “Chairman, Miss Su is pretty good to you, and she’s also good to the people around you. She sent medicine to Young Master Lin and restored the pendant for us.. Now, she even prescribed medicine for Master Bo. She must have had a lapse of judgment when she did those things in the past, so, please forgive her…”