After the marriage cancellation she becomes a true ancestor – Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Your Clothes Don’t Cover Your Body, You’re So Improper

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Bo Yunli’s expression did not change, but his arms faltered a little. Fortunately, he managed to tie his belt on time, so she should not have seen anything.

Since she had even drugged him, it was not strange for her to barge into his bedroom. But if he had heard correctly, she had called his grandfather’s name just now.


When Bo Yunli was about to question Su Ye, he was silenced by a loud bang as she shut the door.

If he was not mistaken, Su Ye had looked a little disdainful when she closed the door.

The next second, he heard her berate him through the door. “Your clothes don’t even cover your body. You’re so improper!”

Earlier, Su Ye had adjusted her tone before she went into the room. After all, she was going to ask for a fee for treating her friend, so her attitude had to be good. But who would have known that she would see such a thing the moment she entered the room? Forty years ago, no one would have dared to wear such a bathrobe. He did not even wear pants!

Bo Yunli’s eyelids twitched as he stood in his room. He picked up his glasses and put them on before he gritted his teeth. He was so angry that he cackled.

Was he in the wrong to bathe in his own room?

Last time, she beat around the bush and said that he was impotent, while today, she scolded him for impropriety.

He felt that Su Ye felt uncomfortable if she did not tell him off in a different way every day.

Was she so traumatized by him not touching her even after he took the drugs?

He was still fuming when the door opened again, but this time, the one who came in was Lu Wenbin.

Bo Yunli saw the shock on his face, and his gaze fell on the restored pendant. He narrowed his beautiful eyes.

In the meantime, Su Ye found Bo Zhan’s room and gently pushed its door open. There was a rocking chair with a weak old man on it by the window. His head was bowed, and it seemed that he was sleeping. The curtains next to him had risen up because of the wind and hid his face from view.

At that moment, Su Ye realized that more than forty years had really passed. Bo Zhan had been full of energy in the past, but in the blink of an eye, he was near the end of his life, and after being tormented by illness, he had gotten weak.

Su Ye drew closer to him and shut the window for him.

Bo Zhan was old now, so he was a light sleeper. Even if Su Ye made no sound, he still woke up.

He opened his seemingly stuck eyes, and with a murky gaze, he looked at Su Ye. He was not completely awake yet, so he mumbled, “Su Ye?”

After a moment, he gathered his bearings and realized that his eyes were playing tricks on him. Su Ye’s grandniece really looked a lot like her.

A kind and loving smile showed up on Bo Zhan’s haggard face. “Ye Ye, you’re here. Come, sit. Yunli is home, too. Did you see him when you came in?”

Su Ye set aside the complicated emotions in her heart. “I did, Master Bo.”

Not only did she see him, she saw much more than she wanted.

Bo Zhan beckoned her over. “You can call me Grandpa, just like Yunli. Don’t call me Master Bo. It puts too much distance between us.”

Su Ye felt that Bo Zhan was taking advantage of her by making her call him her grandpa.

She pulled out a chair and sat down beside him. He held her hand and asked various questions. It was clear that he was really fond of Su Ye’s grandniece.

While they were in that pose, Su Ye checked his pulse and noticed that even though Bo Zhan was as weak as a candle flame that might go out at any moment, his weakness came from qi stagnation. At the end of the day, it was because he did not love his body when he was young. He had been the stereotypical workaholic, so when he became busy, he did not even think about eating.

Fortunately, he did not have any untreatable pathological changes. There was still a chance for him to be saved.

Su Ye had a pretty decent idea as well as a plan to do that.. But one of the herbs was a little hard to procure.

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