After the marriage cancellation she becomes a true ancestor – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: No Sense of Direction

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All laymen thought that the most expensive property in Imperial City was the bustling business district at the city center. But unbeknownst to them, the quiet place west of the business district and south of Empire River Bridge was the true place where an inch of land was worth gold. The people who could live there were not the average wealthy people.

The Bo family’s mansion was located at the spot with the best view. It was surrounded by trees and near a lake.

The driver only got to go there because of Su Ye. He usually did not have the chance for it. After all, the people who could live in such a place did not need to call for cabs…

It was the weekend, so Bo Yunli was working from his home office.

Lu Wenbin was also with him after taking the initiative to ask for overtime. He said that he wanted to help his chairman organize documents, but in truth, he was waiting for Su Ye. After all, Su Ye had snatched the pendant from his hands. If anything really happened, he would be the one responsible for it.

A few hours earlier, when it was nine o’clock in the morning, Lu Wenbin had taken a stroll through the courtyard to the gate of the Bo mansion. After that, he told the butler that if Su Ye came, he was to tell him.

At noon, Lu Wenbin’s heart filled with disappointment when he saw the empty gate. He then enjoyed a luxurious lunch at the Bo mansion while feeling anxious.

At three in the afternoon, Lu Wenbin was criticized by his chairman because he did not focus on his work. When the chairman returned to his bedroom to rest, Lu Wenbin decided to try one last time and go to the gate. When he returned, he started writing his resignation letter…

Just when he realized that he had turned his resignation letter into his will, the butler knocked on his door and reported, “Miss Su is here.”

Lu Wenbin was delighted. He tore the “will” apart and charged out.

The she-devil had finally come!

Lu Wenbin examined the turquoise pendant. It was as good as new. He looked up at Su Ye, and his gaze was full of such delight that one might think he had discovered a new continent. He looked back and forth between the pendant and Su Ye for two minutes before he was unable to resist gasping at it.

“What the heck, you actually managed to repair it!”

The day before, it had been a shattered piece of junk, but when it appeared today, it was put together so nicely that no sign of it having shattered before could be seen.

Lu Wenbin sighed long and hard. Even though he did not know what method Su Ye had used or if she had asked an expert to help, the pendant was now returned to them, and he could finally relax.

When he looked at Su Ye, he suddenly found her less of an eyesore. He also thought that her extreme behavior in the past was not that annoying. Her judgment might have been impaired because she loved the chairman too much…

Su Ye looked up and scanned the mansion. She had to admit that it was even more stylish than that of the Su family. “Where is the master’s bedroom?”

Lu Wenbin was toying with the pendant while immersed in the joy of happiness suddenly descending upon him. “The first room after you take a right turn.”

After a moment, Lu Wenbin remembered that the master was still resting and should not be disturbed. He was about to stop Su Ye when he saw her walking to the first room on the left as if she had no sense of direction.

“Miss Su, that’s—”

The chairman’s room!

Bo Yunli had just finished bathing, and his hair was still wet. Water droplets slid down his neck along his hair, and he used his fingers to wipe them away.

Since he was surrounded by mist, his face was ridiculously pale, and without his glasses shielding his eyes, his gaze became even sharper. He had exquisite features, and his figure was as perfect as those of Ancient Greek gods. It was usually hidden under a refined guise, but anyone who saw him like this would gasp. He gave off an aggressive, noble, and prideful aura from every inch of his body.

He picked up the bathrobe and put it on. It left his distinct collarbones completely revealed, and the well-defined chest underneath could also be seen vaguely.

As someone with OCD, he even tied the belt around his waist properly.

While he was doing that, his door opened without warning. Then, a small head with dull green hair peeked inside.

 “Bo Zhan, are you sleeping?” the girl asked gently.