Chapter 10: Her Voice Changed

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Lu Wenbin told the strange event that happened in the antique market from the start to the end.

Lin Zhan became flustered when he heard this. “You just let her take the pendant? Are you dumb? How could you believe what she said? If she can really repair it, pigs can fly!”

“Didn’t you believe her? You even took her medicine,” Lu Wenbin mumbled under his breath.


Lin Zhan found himself speechless because of the retort. But after some time, he said, “I had a physician examine the medicine and verify that it was fine before I took it. But you let her take the master’s treasure, which makes it impossible for us to make an exact duplicate. Hurry up and retrieve it.”

Before Lu Wenbin could answer, Lin Zhan waved his hand. “Forget it. She’ll definitely refuse to admit it. She knows how important the pendant is to the master, so she might be thinking about using it to cause an issue.”

Lu Wenbin calmly took out his phone. It looked like he was waiting to be praised when he said, “Chairman, Young Master Lin, don’t worry. I thought about this ahead of time, so when she took the pendant, I recorded a video.”

Bo Yunli remained quiet. He cast a glance at Lu Wenbin’s phone and tapped his index finger against the table.

Lu Wenbin immediately handed over the phone respectfully. Bo Yunli took it and pressed play.

After watching it for two seconds, Bo Yunli looked away with a scowl. He appeared a little uncomfortable.

The recording was taken in secret, so its angle was really strange. The image was focused below Su Ye’s waist, and he could not bear watching it. Those who did not know Lu Wenbin would think that he was a pervert who liked to record girls in secret.

But the voice recording was pretty clear.

When Bo Yunli saw that Lin Zhan also wanted to take a look, he calmly turned the screen to himself while focusing on listening to Su Ye’s voice.

The night before, he had noticed something when he went to the Su family, but at that time, what Su Ye said was too aggravating, so he did not bother to look further into it. Once he finished watching the video, though, he became certain of what he sensed at that time.

Su Ye’s voice had changed.

Any person’s voice would experience slight changes the moment they changed their voice production habits and voice registers.

In the past, Su Ye spoke in a cute but shrill manner, which made others feel goosebumps all over their skin and want to puke.

But when he saw her yesterday, her voice was much deeper, and she had schooled her expression as well. When she spoke, she gave off a different feeling.

“Chairman?” Lu Wenbin asked tentatively. “Do you think I should ask for the pendant? She said that she can repair it by tomorrow…”

For some reason, Bo Yunli felt like the Su Ye in the video was not joking around. His eyes sparkled a little. “Let’s wait until tomorrow.”

After saying that, he deleted the unbearable R-rated video.


“Cousin!” Lin Zhan was getting worked up on behalf of Bo Yunli despite the fact that Bo Yunli was very calm. “Why did you delete it?”


He still wanted to fuss around when Bo Yunli interrupted him. “Stay out of this.” After saying that, he handed him the signed special documents.

When the goofy Lin Zhan saw the documents, his expression became serious and stern.

Around the same time, Su Ye brought Su Xing back home.

The moment they entered the mansion, they sensed a dreary atmosphere inside. When Nanny Zhang came to receive them, her expression was strange as well.

Su Ye cast a glance at the shoes at the entrance. “They’re back?”

Nanny Zhang nodded. “The master and madam returned in the afternoon.”

‘Didn’t they say that they’ll come back late tonight? Looks like things didn’t go smoothly.’

Su Ye passed Su Xing to Nanny Zhang. “Take him back to his room.”

“Alright, Miss Ye.”

The moment Su Xing was taken away, Su Ye heard Xu Huanying’s loud voice in the study. “That Chairman Wang is just rude!”