After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World – Chapter 169 – Bedtime Story

Chapter 169: Bedtime Story

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Night fell.

Mo Rao was already asleep.

Fu Ying made a call in the study.

“How is she?” Fu Ying lit a cigarette and asked calmly.

“President Fu, Miss Qu’s recovery isn’t bad. Don’t worry.” The person who picked up the phone was a doctor from the Jade Heaven Villa.

Fu Ying still said calmly, “Pay attention to her recovery. Inform me immediately when it’s about time.”

He would send Qu Ru away and never let her come back.

The doctor naturally understood what Fu Ying meant. He hesitated for a moment and said, “President Fu, there’s nothing wrong with Miss Qu’s health, but her mental state doesn’t seem to be good. She keeps asking to see you every day and only calms down when injected with a tranquilizer.”

Fu Ying frowned. “What does it have to do with me? I won’t see her.”

“Yes, I understand.” The doctor immediately understood.

Since Fu Ying didn’t care about Qu Ru, there was no need for a doctor like him to say anything.

After hanging up, Fu Ying finished smoking. He put out the cigarette and stood up to go to the window.

Thinking back to what had happened between him and Qu Ru, he felt that it was really a huge mistake.

Back then, he had only paid attention to this illegitimate daughter of the Qu family because Qu Ru had saved him. He had also investigated a lot of information about her.

Fu Ying knew that Qu Ru’s mother had always been a mistress.

However, he had never thought about Qu Ru’s personality. In front of him, Qu Ru seemed understanding and resilient. Even if she was targeted by the Qu family, she still stubbornly lived on.

That fragile yet resilient image left a deep impression on Fu Ying. Unknowingly, he started to pay more attention to her.

Coincidentally, during that period of time, Fu Ying had never found a woman or had a girlfriend because he didn’t like any woman. No matter how he thought about it, he seemed to have only paid attention to Qu Ru during that period of time.

As they interacted more frequently, the two of them naturally became a couple. As for how deep their relationship was, Fu Ying didn’t know.

Now that he thought about it, he probably didn’t have much feelings for her. It was just that Fu Ying didn’t know what it was like to really love someone, so he thought that he loved Qu Ru.

He had never had any improper thoughts about Qu Ru. Back then, when they hugged, he didn’t feel any desire for her.

He thought that this was respect for Qu Ru. Later on, when he was with Mo Rao, he felt endless desire for her. It was a completely different feeling than his feelings toward Qu Ru.

He thought that this was just a physical need and ignored his emotional changes.

In the end, hHe realized that he didn’t love Qu Ru, and his desire for Mo Rao’s body happened to show that he had fallen in love with this woman.

He had hurt a woman he had fallen deeply in love with for a woman he didn’t love.

After pondering for a moment, Fu Ying stood up and went to the master bedroom.

Mo Rao was wearing white pajamas and flipping through a fairy tale book on the bed.

This was her daily ritual before bed now.

“You’re still reading? It’s late. It’s time to sleep.” Fu Ying walked over and took the book from Mo Rao’s hand.

“I haven’t finished reading this story.” Mo Rao frowned and said unhappily.

Fu Ying flipped through it briefly. He wondered why Mo Rao liked to read such childish fairy tales.

He sat at the head of the bed and covered Mo Rao with the blanket. Then, he said helplessly, “Close your eyes and sleep. I’ll read this story to you. You can sleep after listening to it.”

Mo Rao was stunned. He would read her a bedtime story?

Wasn’t this something parents did for their children?

She wanted to refuse, but Fu Ying had already started reading. “At this moment, there was a sound in the dense forest…”

“Not here.” Mo Rao interrupted Fu Ying. “It’s the start of the next paragraph.”

Fu Ying shrugged. “Alright, I’ll read from wherever you want.”

His voice was actually very pleasant, magnetic, and deep. Even when reading fairy tales, he gave off a charming feeling.

Mo Rao used to like his voice.

She closed her eyes, but she was hypothesizing. If the children were fine and Fu Ying treated her as well as he did now, how good would that be?

She would definitely stay and happily wait for the children to be born to form a complete family of four.

Perhaps when the children were a little older, she would read fairy tales to them before bed and read this storybook that Brother Zhang had written for Momo.

As she thought about it, a tear fell from the corner of Mo Rao’s eye. She turned her back to Fu Ying.

Fu Ying looked at Mo Rao and frowned slightly, but he continued to read the story.

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