After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World – Chapter 167 – Last Chance

Chapter 167: Last Chance

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“So what if he hid her? As if I can’t find her?” Old Madam Fu sneered. “That little vixen can’t possibly think that with Fu Ying protecting her, she can rest easy, right? This matter isn’t only our family’s business, but also the Qu family’s!”

Aunt Yun was stunned. “Old Madam, do you mean to tell Old Madam Qu?”

“Yes, she has to handle this matter. Qu Ru is from the Qu family and the Qu family has never liked her. Now that her mistake has involved our two families, if Old Madam Qu doesn’t deal with her properly, I won’t let it slide!” Old Madam Fu was very angry.

She had a good relationship with Old Madam Qu. When she was young, Old Madam Qu had a daughter who was kidnapped. During that period of time, Old Madam Fu accompanied her to search for her and comforted her.

Now that Qu Ru had done something like this, Old Madam Fu believed that Old Madam Qu would definitely stand on her side.

Because Qu Ru was a disgrace to the Qu family.

After a busy day, Fu Ying rushed home immediately after work.

He rejected some unnecessary social engagements.

Now, he was thinking about Mo Rao every moment. As long as he had time, he wanted to rush back and accompany her.

Perhaps Mo Rao no longer needed him, but he couldn’t control his feelings.

The moment he entered, Fu Ying asked Sister Qin, “Where’s Young Madam?”

“The Young Madam is in the atelier. Other than mealtime, she stayed there for the entire day,” Sister Qin reported.

“How can that do?” Fu Ying frowned. “Don’t you know that she’s not in good health? Why didn’t you persuade her to rest?”

Sister Qin felt a little guilty. “President Fu, I went to persuade her, but Young Madam didn’t listen to me. It’s my fault.”

Fu Ying didn’t speak and just turned to go to the art room.

Mo Rao was indeed there. She was sleeping on the recliner.

“Rao Rao—” Fu Ying wanted to wake Mo Rao up, but when he saw her tired appearance, his heart softened. He took off his coat to cover her.

The heater in the studio was on. It wasn’t cold, but it wasn’t warm enough to sleep uncovered.

Just as he covered her with the coat, Mo Rao woke up.

The moment she saw Fu Ying, resistance flashed across her eyes. She immediately stood up and pushed his coat away. “No need.”

“You’ll catch a cold.” Fu Ying sighed.

“I know.” Mo Rao stood up and saved the manuscript on the computer. Then, she turned to look at Fu Ying. Her gaze seemed to have changed. “Fu Ying, do you really want to compensate me?”

Fu Ying was stunned for a moment before nodding and answering seriously, “Yes, I will do my best to compensate you for the injuries you suffered.”

Mo Rao smiled. “Alright, then I’ll give you one last chance. But before I forgive you, you can’t touch me again.”

This was something she had thought of today.

Since Fu Ying was so stubborn, she might as well act along. She would think of a way to leave after he let down his guard.

The more she resisted, the more Fu Ying would keep a watch on her in case something happened to her.

“Okay!” Fu Ying agreed almost without thinking.

He was a little excited. He didn’t expect Mo Rao to agree to give him a chance. He was even happier than if he had negotiated a big project.

He held Mo Rao’s hand. “Rao Rao, thank you.”

Mo Rao tried her best to suppress the hatred in her heart and smiled. “You don’t have to thank me. I’m too weak. Didn’t you refuse to let me go since you know this about me?”

An awkward expression flashed across Fu Ying’s face. He had indeed used Mo Rao’s soft-hearted personality to hurt her again and again.

“It won’t happen again. Let’s go have dinner. It’s already made.” Fu Ying’s fingers rubbed the back of Mo Rao’s hand gently. He tried to use this gentle action to win back Mo Rao’s heart.

Mo Rao nodded. “Let’s go.”

Just as she was about to leave, Fu Ying changed his mind and picked her up horizontally. “I’ll carry you.”

“There’s no need!” Mo Rao frowned.

“I haven’t carried you like this in a long time. You’re too light.” Fu Ying weighed her in his arms. She was really as light as a butterfly. In the past, although she was thin, her figure wasn’t bad. She was voluptuous in the right places and slender in the right places. Now, she was emaciated.

Mo Rao reached out and hooked her arms around Fu Ying’s neck. She didn’t speak and only leaned her head on his arms.

Fu Ying carried Mo Rao to the dining room to eat. When Sister Qin and the servants saw this, they retreated.

After putting Mo Rao down, Fu Ying thoughtfully scooped rice for her, peeled prawns for her, and picked fish bones. His every action was like that of a gentle and meticulous lover.

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