After Divorcing, She Became An Absolute Beauty

Full 110 Chapter (End)

After Divorcing, She Became An Absolute Beauty

Red Snow

Romance, Psychological, Slice of Life

Chinese Novel



Du Jiuyuan lay in a grave of love for three years. Finally, her heart was as dead as ashes, she gave up on finding love and decided to go down a career path of a strong woman. But what was going on with her ex-husband? He used to be someone whom she would only see once every four to five months. Why was he appearing in front of her now and then? When she talked to others about collaboration, he would coax her from behind. “Yuan Yuan, this person is unreliable. Let me invest in her for you, okay?”

When she got into conflict with others, he would support her from behind. “Yuan Yuan, don’t be afraid. Your husband is Ji Jinchen. Don’t worry about her.” Du Jiuyuan was speechless. “…” Please take note that it was her ex-husband who divorced her. One day, when a male colleague sent her home after a meal, she was seen by Ji Jinchen. The man blocked her at the foot of the wall and questioned her in a low voice. “Don’t be with others, otherwise… I will lose my mind.

Later, Du Jiuyuan rose to the top of her career and attracted countless suitors. One such suitor gave her a bouquet of roses and the next day, her office became a sea of flowers. Some suitors gave her desserts that could only be bought after queuing up. The day after that, her office would be flooded with desserts. Some suitors gave her a pet… Du Jiuyuan went crazy. “Ji Jinchen, if you dare to give me a house full of pets, I will fight it out with you!”

Ji Jinchen said, “Jiuyuan, forgive me for being stupid and not seeing your grievances, but you have to believe that from the moment I married you, I never thought of getting a divorce. Du Jiuyuan: I thought that the man I loved for seven years was a stone that couldn’t be covered up, but then I realized what kind of fiery heart was hidden in this stone.”

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Chapter 46 - Wasn’t Something to Be Trifled With
Chapter 47 - The Damaged Cheongsam
Chapter 48 - One Must Be Wary of Others
Chapter 49 - Thank You For Not Abandoning Me
Chapter 50 - The True Little Devil
Chapter 51 - I Will Not Let Him Be Detained
Chapter 52 - In the Future, Don’t Go Looking For Trouble With Her
Chapter 53 - Love, What Does It Feel Like?
Chapter 54 - The Black-Bellied Ji Jingchen
Chapter 55 - The Grandmother
Chapter 56 - A Good Man Does Not Argue With a Woman
Chapter 57 - Apologize To You On His Behalf
Chapter 58 - Are You Still the Same Ji Jingchen?
Chapter 59 - You Can Regret It, But I Won’t Turn Back
Chapter 60 - Pick Whatever You Want. I’ll Pay For It!
Chapter 61 - Supreme VIP
Chapter 62 - How To Woo a Girl?
Chapter 63 - Teach These Snobs a Lesson
Chapter 64 - We Have Signed It!
Chapter 65 - Welcome To The Studio
Chapter 66 - The Clover Support Group
Chapter 67 - Revealing Her True Feelings
Chapter 68 - A True Workaholic
Chapter 69 - Getting the Annual Package
Chapter 70 - Hong Kong City’s Four Most Handsome Men
Chapter 71 - Only Two Tricks Under Your Sleeve?
Chapter 72 - Smarter
Chapter 73 - Get Out of the Ji Family
Chapter 74 - This Belt Was a Gift From You
Chapter 75 - A Beast Eyeing Its Prey
Chapter 76 - Loyal Little Sidekick
Chapter 77 - Will You Be in Charge of Opening up the European Market?
Chapter 78 - Why Are You Even Here?
Chapter 79 - Who Are You Calling Sneaky?
Chapter 80 - If There’re No Pressing Needs, Please Maintain Your Boundaries
Chapter 81 - Considered as a Very Light Punishment
Chapter 82 - If You Don’t Apologize, You’ll Spend Eternity Rotting in the Ji Family
Chapter 83 - The Past Is Like a Fleeting Cloud
Chapter 84 - Are You Interested in Joining My Studio?
Chapter 85 - Imagining a Beautiful Future
Chapter 86 - Don’t Lose Hope
Chapter 87 - Midnight Moon
Chapter 88 - Why Didn’t It Come?
Chapter 89 - The Fang Family Faces Crisis of Bankruptcy
Chapter 90 - Do I Need You to Teach Me How to Do Things?
Chapter 91 - If You Don’t Have Enough Eq, Use Your IQ!
Chapter 92 - Slap!
Chapter 93 - Losing Control
Chapter 94 - How Could He Bear to Hurt You
Chapter 95 - Should I Thank You?
Chapter 96 - Why Don’t You Arrange It for Your Bedroom?
Chapter 97 - I Hope We Can Work Together Happily in the Future!
Chapter 98 - BLACK Was About to Enter Hong Kong City
Chapter 99 - Don’t Do That in the Future
Chapter 100 - Trade Secret
Chapter 101 - I Can’t Get Rid of Her
Chapter 102 - I Won’t Remarry You
Chapter 103 - Du Jiuyuan, You’re Heartless
Chapter 104 - Your Position Is Being Compromised!
Chapter 105 - You Can’t Be Moved for More Than Three Seconds
Chapter 106 - My Stepmother Gave This to You
Chapter 107 - Don’t Call Me Du Jiuyuan, Call Me Baby!
Chapter 108 - Ji Jingchen, You’re So Lovely
Chapter 109 - A Jar of Wine Was Buried Under the Old Locust Tree
Chapter 110End - Thank Goodness You’re Still Here