Chapter 218: She Grew up in the Countryside

Qin Jiatong was instantly thrown behind by a few people.

For a moment, she couldn’t squeeze past them even if she wanted to.

It wasn’t until a few students in front of her voluntarily made a path for them, revealing a figure walking in the middle.

The figure was thin and slender.

The eyes and brows were faint, and there was a cold and distant aura about them. It was almost as if they were writing on their faces that no strangers were allowed to enter..

Qin Jiatong didn’t pay much attention at first. She looked at the other party who was wearing a white coat. They were either a nurse or a doctor.

He was so young. He must be a nurse…

How could she have the mood to think about anything else at this moment? She just thought about what the nurse said about the successful operation. Could it be that Teacher Zhou had really recovered?

However, she felt that it was impossible.

She guessed that it should only be the end of the operation.

He would definitely not survive for long.

The doctors in the hospital did not know about this yet. They would only report the good news to the patients’ families.

If something really happened, it would not be their responsibility…

As she was thinking about it, she heard a girl’s faint and distant voice. This voice made her raise her head abruptly.

Just one glance.

Qin Jiatong’s expression changed again and again.

How could it be her?!

Why was Qin Yiyi here?!

Most importantly, why was Mrs. Zhou holding Qin Yiyi’s hand with gratitude and continuously thanking her?!

And why were those few nurses so respectful to Qin Yiyi?!

The thoughts in her mind spun again and again, but they were all unsolvable.

Then, in the next moment, she shouted even faster than her heart.

“Sister… Sister Qin, why are you here? Where have you been all this time? Although the school is on holiday, we are about to enter the third year of high school. You can’t stay away from home all day for the college entrance exam. Mom and dad have been looking for you for a long time. They even went to your place to wait for you, but you haven’t returned home…”

“Sister, don’t be angry with Mom and Dad, okay? If you still don’t calm down and feel that I have taken your place and taken away their love, then I will move out, okay?” She said as she raised her hand to pull on Qin Yiyi’s sleeve. Her tone was delicate and aggrieved. “Sister, we’re family. You’re still young, and the world outside is very complicated. If you have anything to say, let’s go home. Come home first, okay?”

“It’s very dangerous outside. You’re a girl…”

Qin Yiyi raised her hand and slapped the back of Qin Jiatong’s hand.

Looking back, she looked over with a clear gaze.

“This… female classmate, did you get the wrong person?”

“I’m just an orphan. I was raised by my grandparents since I was young. I don’t have a younger sister.”

She tilted her head and smiled at Qin Jiatong. However, the smile didn’t reach her eyes. Instead, there was a hint of sternness in it.

“Does your sister look exactly like me? I’m really curious. Later, when you find your sister, let me take a look too?”

“Sister, you… What are you doing here?”

Qin Jiatong’s expression was a little ugly.

She didn’t expect Qin Yiyi to directly deny everything and even say that she was an orphan!

But she thought of the scene where Qin Yiyi was surrounded by everyone just now.

Qin Jiatong made up her mind and wiped her tears.

“Sister, I know you’re angry at me. You blame Dad and Mom for letting you stay at Grandpa and Grandma’s house since you were young. But at that time, Dad and Mom were busy with work and I was weak and sick. They were forced to do it. These years, Dad and Mom didn’t feel good. They brought you here to make it up to you. Really. But you can’t give up on yourself just because you’re angry with dad and mom. Those people outside… we’re still young. It’s a good time to study, right?”

“If your eyes aren’t good, go and get treatment.”

Qin Yiyi did not have a good expression on her face. Her voice was cold and clear.

“This is the hospital. Turn left, go ahead, turn right. The third building is the ophthalmology department. Take care.”

Qin Jiatong,”…”

Her face was flushed red. “Sister, I, I just care about you…”

She bit her lips lightly and her gaze drifted toward Mrs. Zhou and a few of her classmates, “Sister, did you go in to see Teacher Zhou just now? Teacher Zhou usually treats you very well and will definitely be very happy to see you. However, sister, you shouldn’t have gone in at this time either. What if you affect the doctor’s surgery? What if you encounter something like a bacterial contamination? It’s not a small matter. It will affect Teacher Zhou’s surgery…”

When Qin Yi heard her words, she pursed her lips in a half-smile.

Why didn’t this Qin Jiatong learn her lesson?

Moreover… She didn’t lose her strength to destroy her reputation. She didn’t forget to make herself look good in front of anyone at all times.

She shook her head and didn’t want to continue talking to her.

It was a waste of time!

A doctor behind her couldn’t help but speak up.

“What nonsense are you spouting, young lady? Who said that this little comrade is affecting our surgery and the patient’s surgery?”

She raised her hand and pointed at Qin Yiyi. Her voice was serious and solemn.

“Today’s surgery is all thanks to this little comrade. If it wasn’t for her, the patient might really not have been able to hold on until the end of the operation!”

Not to mention that everything was normal now!

The doctor frowned and looked at Qin Jiatong with a very dissatisfied expression. “You should still be a student at such a young age, right? Didn’t your teacher teach you not to speak carelessly? If you don’t see it with your own eyes, don’t give others a conclusion so easily?” She shook her head. The middle-aged female doctor’s tone carried a bit of dissatisfaction. “These young people nowadays are all so frivolous. They don’t even have the slightest bit of determination. If they don’t polish themselves properly, it will be difficult for them to become successful.”

Qin Jiatong couldn’t care less about being scolded by a stranger.

She just widened her eyes and pointed at Qin Yiyi in disbelief.

“You mean that she knows medicine and she performed the surgery on Teacher Zhou?”

“That’s impossible!”

Qin Jiatong seemed to have thought of something and her voice was filled with anger.

“All of you have been deceived by her. She doesn’t know any medical skills. Really, she’s just a student. She’s a high school student who hasn’t taken the college entrance examination yet.”

“She grew up in the countryside. She always came last in her studies.”

“The place she grew up in is very remote. It’s a place that can not be found in any corner. How could she know any medical skills?”

She babbled on and on.

In the end, she actually ran directly to Mrs. Zhou.

“You are Teacher Zhou’s wife, right? Let me tell you, you must not be deceived by her. Although she is my elder sister, so I can forget about the past and it doesn’t matter how she says that I bullied her, this matter concerns Teacher Zhou’s safety. I really can’t tolerate it anymore. Teacher Zhou’s wife, listen to me. You have to believe me. She really grew up in the countryside and doesn’t know any medical skills. She doesn’t even know the structure of the human body. How could she possibly perform a surgery on Teacher Zhou?”

“It’s fake. She must be fooling you on purpose.”

Mrs. Zhou shook her hands vigorously.

Because she was mentally exhausted, she didn’t pay attention for a moment and was almost pulled to the ground by Qin Jiatong.

It was another classmate beside Mrs. Zhou who quickly held her up. At the same time, he shouted angrily with a dark face.

“Qin Jiatong, what are you doing? Let go of teacher Zhou’s wife.”

“I, I… I really didn’t do it on purpose. You guys must believe me…”

Teacher Zhou’s wife looked at her and then turned her head to look at Qin Yiyi who was standing at the side with a calm expression.

For a moment, her brows were tightly knitted together.