9th masters little darling is trolling again – Chapter 210

Chapter 210: Have a Fight

Grandma Fang was fine.

She woke up halfway to the hospital.

But at Grandpa Fang’s insistence, she went to the hospital for a full-body check-up.

It turned out that there was really no big problem.

They were all old people’s old problems of functional wear and tear.

As long as they rested well and paid attention to it, it would be fine.

Other doctors couldn’t do anything about it. When people got old, there was no one who didn’t get sick.

It was just like working like a machine for many years. There would always be some wear and tear on the parts.

Even if it was a new one.

But it was no longer the original…

The old lady’s body had already lived for so long. It was normal for her vitality to be damaged and exhausted.

Qin Yiyi accompanied Granny Fang on the bench outside the ward and waited for the results.

Meanwhile, Grandpa Fang went to the bathroom.

Not far away, Fang Yingxue’s face was full of nervousness, and the expression on her face was indescribable.

From time to time, she would look over here.

She seemed to want to come over, but she was afraid of being scolded.

This was in public.

If the old man and old lady pointed at her nose and scolded her regardless of the occasion…

It would definitely be trending!

When that time came, how would she have the face to meet people?

Qin Yiyi pretended not to see this person. She helped the old lady wipe the sweat off her face and fanned her with a handkerchief.

“Grandma, you can’t be angry next time. You scared me to death just now.”

Grandma Fang rolled her eyes childishly.

“I can still scare you?”

She snorted and glared at Qin Yi with a smile that was not a smile. “I thought you weren’t afraid of anything.”

“But I’m afraid of you and Grandpa. Grandpa and Grandma are my life.”

These words made Granny Fang pause. Her eyes instantly turned red, and she reached out to pat her gently.

“You child… A child like you…”

When one was old, these sentimental words were the last thing one could hear.

Moreover, these words came from the mouth of a child that the old lady had raised since young?

After patting her gently twice, Granny Fang sighed, “I don’t know how long your grandfather and I can stay with you, but we will try our best to stay with you for a long period of time. Otherwise, no one will care about my little one.” She hated her own daughter in her heart. How could she be so ruthless? This was her biological daughter, and she was bullying this child just because of that stupid character?

She had been thrown out since she was young…

“Your mother… It’s Grandma’s fault. I didn’t teach her well.”

Grandma Fang was filled with regret and self-blame. If she had put in more effort back then, Fang Yingxue might not have had such a temper?

“How can I blame you, Grandma?”

Qin Yiyi gently hugged her arm and smiled, “Everyone’s personality is different. These are the paths she chose and it has nothing to do with others. Besides, didn’t we agree not to talk about the past?” She rubbed her small head against Grandma Fang’s arm and giggled. “Grandpa, Grandma and I are one family. We will never be separated.”

“Okay, we will never be separated.”

Fang Yingxue, who was standing not far away, saw this scene.

She felt inexplicably stifled.

She felt stifled!

That was her mother.

But now, her mother treated her like an enemy. She was smiling at that wretched girl, wanting nothing more than to pamper and protect her.

On what basis?

And her father, he actually hit her repeatedly for this wretched girl…

The more Fang Yingxue thought about it, the angrier she got. In the end, she was so upset that she saw that Grandma Fang was still in good spirits. She turned around and left in a fit of pique.

Qin Yi looked at her back and curled her lips.

She’s gone. Well done!

Back home.

Grandma Fang was an elderly person after all. She returned to her room to rest a little tiredly after a while.

Qin Yiyi thought about it and took the initiative to look for her grandfather.

“Grandfather, what do you think about the Qin family going bankrupt?”

Grandfather Fang was writing calligraphy in the study.

When he heard this, his hand trembled and he almost destroyed the calligraphy.

He continued to write the last stroke.

He put the pen to the side and looked up at Qin Yiyi.

“Then let them go bankrupt.” What else could he do?

Qin Yi blinked and blinked again. After thinking for a moment, she turned around and walked out.

Behind her, Grandpa Fang looked at her back for a long time before he looked away.

He continued to write with a calm expression.

It was a pity that he was not satisfied even after writing a few times.

In the end, Grandpa Fang was so angry that he rolled the sheets into a ball and threw them into the trash can.

Summer vacation was coming.

Qin Yiyi accompanied Lu Jinwan and strolled outside under the scorching sun for a day before she refused to go out again.

It was too hot outside.

Was it because the chilled sour plum soup at home was cold, or was it because the air conditioner at home was cold and the recliner sofa did smelled good?

She cooped up at home openly like a rice worm.

Until Shang Jingheng, who had been out for more than a month, returned again.

When Qin Yiyi saw him return, she lazily glanced over.

“You’re back. There’s something to drink in the fridge. If you want anything, go get it yourself.”

Shang Jingheng glanced at her, shook his head, and went over to get a can of ice water. Then, he gave Qin Yiyi a bottle of room temperature water.

This made Qin Yiyi Grunt and glare at him,

“I want ice water too.”


Shang Jingheng calmly refused and directly stuffed the water into her hands,

“You’ve been eating air-conditioning every day recently, drinking ice-cold fruit juice and ice-cold fruit. Do you think I don’t Know?”

“You’re a girl. If this goes on, do you still want your stomach?”

Qin Yi thought about saying that she was different from other girls. She was in good health.

But thinking about it, it was useless to say it out loud..

He opened his mouth and swallowed his words. Forget it, I won’t say it!

“Grandpa and Grandma aren’t at Home?”

Shang Jingheng sat for a while before realizing that he hadn’t seen the two elderly people even after half a day!

Moreover, it was the middle of the day.

They were definitely not outside, so they had to go out for something..

“They went to visit their relatives. One of Grandma’s younger sisters invited them to the neighboring province as guests. They will be back in a few days.”

After Qin Yiyi said this, he turned his gaze to Shang Jingheng’s face,

“Your trip was quite smooth.”Looking at his face, he seemed to have eased up a little!

When Shang Jingheng heard this, he smiled and looked up at her,

“You know about it again.”

Qin Yi huddled himself into the sofa with a proud look on his face,

“That’s for sure.”He didn’t even look at who she was!

His gaze wandered around the room.

Shang Jingheng frowned slightly. “When did Grandpa and Grandma go over?”

“Three days ago.”

“Then what did you eat these few days? Did you order takeout?”

Qin yiyi laughed and giggled, “Well, not really. Occasionally, I would ask sister Liu to cook…”

Anyway, she would never cook by herself.

She only knew how to Fry the kitchen!

Shang jingheng snorted, “You would ask sister Liu to cook for You?”

“You asked her to bring over some takeout for you to eat, right?”

He stretched out his hand and lightly flicked her forehead.

Shang Jingheng got up and walked to the kitchen to re-check the fridge. There weren’t many ingredients, but there were also quite a lot.

He turned around to look at Qin Yiyi,

“Have you eaten lunch?”

“Yes… No, I’m hungry. Brother Shang, can you go and cook some noodles?”

Qin Yiyi originally wanted to say that he had eaten.

It was already one o’clock. If the person in front of him knew that he had been cooped up here and hadn’t eaten lunch…

I don’t think you’re gonna like this.

It’s just that… she has thought it through, even if she is hungry, she has to coax Shang Jingheng first.


Her stomach growled in protest.

Raise an eye to bump into Shang Jingheng like smiling not smiling eye inside.

Qin Yiyi simply had the strength of a broken jar. He glared at her, and she hummed twice,

“I’m not hungry, okay?”

“What do you want to eat? I’ll Cook it for you.”

After a pause, Shang Jingheng added, “I haven’t eaten either.”

“Then I’ll accompany you to eat some more.”

After Qin Yiyi said this, he chuckled foolishly for a while. Looking at Shang Jingheng who was walking towards the kitchen, he hurriedly added,

“Brother Shang, I’ll eat whatever you cook.”

“The main thing is to hurry up. You must be very hungry too.”

Shang Jingheng wanted to say that he was really not hungry. Before he got off the car, he had eaten some food.

However, it did not taste good and he did not want to eat it.

“Alright, wait for me. I’ll be done in a moment.”

Thinking of the little girl outside saying that she wanted to eat noodles just now, Shang Jingheng could not make anything else for a short period of time. Coincidentally, there was western red crock in the fridge, so he directly stewed it with eggs. The noodles were already cooked over here, so he took the pot and placed it in a bowl, he poured the marinade over the noodles and sprinkled a few chopped green onions on it..

It was steaming hot.

The fragrance of saffron and chopped green onions mixed together with the fragrance of eggs.

Just looking at it made his appetite soar.

“Be careful, it’s hot.”

Looking at the little girl sitting at the table, his eyes lit up.

His entire person seemed to have more vitality and vitality than before, and a smile flashed across Shang Jingheng’s eyes.

He handed the chopsticks to her and gently warned her,

“Don’t eat so quickly, be careful not to burn…”

Qin Yi ate two large bowls of noodles.

He still wanted to eat.

Shang Jingheng did not give in. “It’s about time. If we eat dinner again, we won’t be able to eat anymore.”

Qin Yi looked at him faintly,

“Got it, housekeeper.”

Shang Jingheng,”…”

After the meal, it was naturally Shang Jingheng who washed the dishes.

After he had tidied up the kitchen, the dishes were washed and stacked together as he walked out of the kitchen.

In the living room, the little girl was tilting her head and looking at something.

She probably heard his footsteps and looked up at him with a light smile. The little girl was very happy,

“Brother Shang, you’re done. Just now, my grandfather called and said that they’re probably going to delay their arrival for a few more days.”

This way, she would be able to lie on her own for a few more days!

At a glance, Shang Jingheng could tell that the little girl was happy. He was amused and angry at the same time.

He reached out and gently scratched her nose.

He reached out and pulled her up from the sofa. “Didn’t I tell you not to stay still after eating just now? You’ll accumulate food.”

Qin Yiyi followed his hand and stood up from the sofa. He pouted and opened his mouth,

“Why are you moving? I’m so tired, okay?”

She rolled her eyes and suddenly looked at Shang Jingheng. “Why don’t brother Shang Carry me on his back?”

Shang Jingheng,”…”

Qin Yiyi slid under the sofa like a child.

He squatted there and raised his chin to look at Shang Jingheng.

His eyes were gloomy and aggrieved.

In the end, Shang Jingheng could only compromise and half-squatted there,

“Come up.”

Qin Yi seemed to come to life in an instant. He was extremely happy.

With a whoosh, he jumped onto Shang Jingheng’s back,

“Jia, let’s go, let’s Go…”

Shang Jingheng,”…”she was probably the only one in the world who dared to do this!

The little girl’s legs were long and slender.

Her calloused hands unconsciously touched the skin on her calves.

It was as smooth as jade.

It was also as gorgeous as satin.

There was a light and shallow breath on her neck. She blew her fingers on his neck.

It was warm and soft.

It made him feel numb and itchy.

He was so distracted that he almost bumped into a table leg not far away.

Qin Yiyi thought he was tired and quickly asked him to put him down,

“Stop messing around. Quickly put me down and go to the guest room to rest?”

“Yes, I’ll go rest for an hour.”

Pausing for a moment, he looked at Qin Yiyi and added, “I’ll take you out for dinner to eat something delicious.”

“Okay, then let’s go out and eat.”

Qin Yiyi didn’t care about what he ate. As long as it was delicious, it was fine.

On the other hand, Shang Jingheng was wholeheartedly trying to coax the little girl out for a walk. He had already stayed in the room for two to three days.

If he didn’t go out now, he would get moldy!

At this moment, Shang Jingheng was extremely glad that he had returned a few days earlier than he had originally planned.

If he had returned on the same date as before…

This girl would really dare to eat takeout fast food for a few days straight!

Shang Jingheng set an alarm clock for an hour, but by the time he woke up, the sky was already completely dark.

He sat up.

He looked at the pitch-black outside.

He was momentarily dazed. Why Was it dark?

He got up and got out of bed.

He opened the door and walked out.

Outside, in the living room.

Qin Yiyi was playing games on his phone. From time to time, he could hear the sound of harmony.

He heard Shang Jingheng’s footsteps approaching.

The little girl finished playing the last hand of cards in her hand and rudely turned off the phone screen.

She raised her head slightly and smiled sweetly at Shang Jingheng,

“You’re Awake?”

“En, why didn’t you call me? Are You Hungry?”

“I’m okay. I ate late for lunch. I thought about how you rarely slept, Anshen, so I didn’t call you.”

In fact, not only did she not eat, she even took advantage of Shang Jingheng’s deep sleep to light the anshen incense at the door.

Otherwise, how could he have slept for three to four hours straight? !

Shang Jingheng was in a hurry to come out when he woke up, so he naturally didn’t notice that his room was lit with incense.

At this moment, he only felt that he was really tired this time. Furthermore, he was by Qin Yiyi’s side..

It was normal for him to fall into a deep sleep.

Qin Yiyi changed his clothes and walked down the stairs.

Step by step.

The little girl was wearing a pair of black straight trousers with a simple shirt on top.

She had a ponytail.

Her entire person appeared capable and unruly, and her eyes shone with a heroic aura.

She saw Shang Jingheng looking at her.

Qin Yiyi raised his eyebrows and lightly whistled,

“Little brother, do you want to meet?”

Shang Jingheng glared at her, “Speak properly!”

However, he subconsciously averted his eyes first!

The two of them walked out.

As they walked out of the door, Qin Yiyi wanted to back out,

“Um, brother Shang, why don’t we discuss it and have some food at home?”

It was too hot outside.

She didn’t want to move, not even a step!

However, Shang Jingheng reached out and dragged her into the elevator, all the way to the parking lot.

They got into the car, started, and set off.

In one go.

Qin Yiyi was speechless. He sat in the passenger seat and didn’t want to move,

he knew that nothing good would happen to him when this person came back!

The car quickly drove into the center of the street.

Qin Yiyi tilted his head and looked at half of his face. Suddenly, a thought arose in his mind,

“Brother Shang, shall we fight?”

He was curious about his skills!

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