9th masters little darling is trolling again – Chapter 204

Chapter 204: Elimination

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Before Qin Yiyi left, she gave Yang Huaijun two amulets.

An enhanced version.

She had only made five.

The other three were on her grandparents and Shang Jingheng.

Now, it was also because of the things that Yang Huaijun brought. The Yang siblings were more or less tainted with a murderous aura.

Using this amulet and nourishing the soul was just right!

“Give this to your sister to wear. Don’t take it off even when you’re bathing.”

The scene from just now…

Yang Huaijun practically did not hesitate to put the things that Qin Yiyi had given him on his arms.

He kept it solemnly.

Qin Yiyi smiled and looked at him. “Then I’ll take this thing. Let your sister come over to play when she’s free.”

Needless to say, her grandparents liked Yang Xiaorou quite a lot.

After sending Yang Huaijun off, Qin Yiyi turned around and went straight to the study with the small box.

She sat in the study.

Her eyes stared at the small box as if she wanted to drill a hole in it.

She didn’t say anything in front of Yang Huaijun just now. He wouldn’t know even if she told him, so it would be a waste of time.

However, Qin Yiyi was the only one left, so she couldn’t help but think about it.

The enchantment just now was from the same lineage as what she had learned in the Kunlun ruins in the alternate dimension!

And they were all from the direct line of descent!

She once again recalled the trace of the direct line of descent she had sensed from Yang Huaijun back then.

However, she couldn’t figure out where this connection should have ended up…

Could it be her missing senior brother?

She thought for a moment, picked up the space-breaking talisman, took a look, and infused a wisp of spirit qi into it.

The space-breaking talisman flashed.

But it returned to peace once again.

What she sensed was right. It was indeed a talisman from their lineage.

But the blood seal on this dagger was not…

After thinking about it, Qin Yiyi felt a headache. In the end, she added another layer of seal and threw it aside.

She went to school for a few days and took part in the weekly and monthly examinations consecutively.

Up until now, she was still firmly ranked first in the grade.

And she had left the second place far behind.

This made Teacher Zhou, the form teacher, sigh in relief.

It was good, it was good.

This child was disobedient, but she really did not relax in her studies.

It was good, it was good.

Teacher Zhou, who had breathed a sigh of relief, did not have the time to sit on his chair and drink a cup of tea to be happy.

Someone knocked on the office door.

“Teacher Zhou, can I come in?”

“Come in.”

He immediately straightened his body and looked at the student who walked in with a serious expression.

“So it’s student Qin Jiatong. Didn’t you take a leave of absence because you weren’t feeling well? Is there something you need today?”

Teacher Zhou looked at Qin Jiatong’s calm face, and there was no longer the usual expression of respect or anticipation.

This made Qin Jiatong feel very uncomfortable in her heart.

She pursed her lips and suddenly opened her mouth. “Teacher Zhou, have you given up on me? Do you not want me as a student anymore?”

Teacher Zhou was confused when he heard this.

“Student Qin Jiatong, what are you saying? As your form teacher, how could I possibly do this?”

He looked at Qin Jiatong and tried to persuade her earnestly, “As long as you are willing, I will not give up on any student.”

Unfortunately, it was Qin Jiatong who insisted on taking a few months’ leave.

He tried to persuade her not to do it, but she actually told him that the Qin family was rich and that she could choose whichever university she wanted to go to!

With just one sentence, all of teacher Zhou’s good impression of Qin Jiatong disappeared.

This child was still influenced by her family in the end!

Fortunately, he heard that Qin Yiyi had always lived outside and was now living with her grandparents.

He had met her grandparents a few times. They were two very good old people.

Fortunately, the precious children in their class were not corrupted by others!

Thinking of this, Teacher Zhou instantly became more vigilant.

He had to pay more attention in the future.

He absolutely could not let Qin Yiyi be corrupted by some naughty child or something!

“Teacher Zhou! Teacher Zhou?”

“Ah, Student Qin Jiatong, go ahead.”

Qin Jiatong pursed her lips, lowered her eyes and looked at Teacher Zhou.

“I heard that our school will have two spots for foreign exchange students next month…”

Teacher Zhou didn’t expect Qin Jiatong to ask about this.

However, this wasn’t a secret, so he also nodded.

“Yes, but the specific list is still up for discussion.”

As he spoke, he glanced at Qin Jiatong. Teacher Zhou frowned slightly.

Qin Jiatong suddenly ran over…

Could it be that she wanted that quota?

As expected, just as he thought, Qin Jiatong had already opened her mouth with a serious expression.

“Teacher Zhou, do you think I can apply for an additional quota?”

Without waiting for Teacher Zhou to say anything, she had already quickly handed over the document bag in her hand, “Teacher, take a look. These are the results I have obtained in the past few years. Moreover, my English is excellent and I have stayed abroad for a long period of time. I don’t have any difficulties in communicating with others. Moreover, my results in school are not bad. I feel that as a teacher in charge, you should apply for such a spot for your students.”

Qin Jiatong’s face was full of confidence. “Teacher, I feel that with my results and conditions, I am completely deserving for this position.”

“If our class has a spot for me, it will also bring glory to you, right?”

Teacher Zhou casually opened the document bag that she handed over to take a look. Then, he looked at her with a strange expression.

“Student Qin Jiatong, don’t you know that this time’s spot is for the entire school’s high school selection?”


After a slight hesitation, he simply explained everything clearly.

“The school has already decided on one of the two spots, so it can only be one spot.”

Of course, Teacher Zhou didn’t tell her that the one who was decided on was Qin Yiyi.

So no matter what, even if Qin Jiatong really stood out in the selection.

As long as she couldn’t reach the top…

This spot couldn’t fall in her hands.

It couldn’t be that there were only two spots in the entire school and they all fell to his class, right?

The other teachers would have objections!

Qin Jiatong naturally couldn’t read between the lines of Teacher Zhou’s words.

She only furrowed her brows and was very unhappy.

“How can such a big matter be decided internally? Didn’t they say that it was a selection? Since it was a selection, naturally, they all had to participate in the competition.”

“Otherwise, I’m afraid it wouldn’t be fair to the other students, right?”

One of the students, Qin Jiatong, had already taken her place.

Other than her, who else in the school had the qualifications to be an exchange student?

At this moment, she straightened her back and with a righteous expression, she helped her fellow students and seniors to seek justice.

“As teachers, you must be fair and just. You must not use personal power. You must not casually kill off the students’ good opportunities.”

It had not been easy for them to study so hard for so many years.

How could they be directly deprived of the opportunity to go abroad and see the world by their teachers?

Teacher Zhou was speechless. “Student Qin Jiatong, this is not something you should concern yourself with. If you have nothing else to do, you should leave first.”

Qin Jiatong nodded. “I will go to the principal’s office to fight for it!” She would never compromise with evil forces!

Teacher Zhou,”…”


In the suburbs.

Shang Jingheng quietly looked at the people kneeling in front of him. His thin lips pursed slightly.

“Go, get rid of their lineage.. Leave no one alive.”