9th masters little darling is trolling again – Chapter 196

Chapter 196: The Head of the Gu Family

Qin Yiyi did not expect Gu Qingman to say this.

She tilted her head and looked at her with a lazy smile. “Miss Gu, you must be joking. I’m just a high school student. How can I help you?”

Was this not helping?

If it were any other time when someone treated Gu Qingman like this and spoke to her in such a tone, with her arrogance and reserved manner, she would definitely get up and leave without looking back.

But now…

Her hands were tightly clasped together as a hint of sadness flashed across her eyes.

“Yiyi, I know that you and Jiatong and the rest have some misunderstandings. I’ve heard about your matters from Jiatong and the rest before, but each of you has their own reasons. I’ve been abroad for many years and don’t know about the specific matters between the two of you. Why don’t we shake hands and make peace on account of me?”

On your account?

Qin Yiyi curled her lips and shook her head in amusement.

“Miss Gu, are you here to talk to me about Qin Jiatong?”

“If so…”

She looked at Gu Qingman indifferently. “Then please leave now, Miss Gu.”

She had no time to serve these people who were overflowing with sympathy!

“No, no, Yiyi, don’t misunderstand. I’m really not here for Jiatong.”

“Then don’t mention her.” Hearing about Qin Jiatong made her want to hit someone!

Gu Qingman opened her mouth and nodded. “… Okay.”

“Let’s get down to business.”

Qin Yiyi looked at the time on her phone and suddenly looked up at Gu Qingman.

“You have ten minutes.” Grandma and Grandpa were about to come up. She did not want to stay at home and eat alone!

As expected, she did not show any mercy.

Gu Qingman bit her lower lip lightly. Suddenly, her eyes turned red as she looked at Qin Yiyi.

“Yiyi, you know medicine, right? I saw you saving Old Master Mu and the others. Now, can you help me save my father?”

Qin Yiyi did not expect Gu Qingman to ask for her treatment.

Moreover, it was her father…

After thinking for a while, Qin Yiyi fixed her eyes on Gu Qingman.

“If I remember correctly, your father should be the master of the Gu family, right? He…”

Qin Yiyi swallowed the words that were about to roll out of her mouth. She did not want to know about the internal strife in the Gu family at all.

She beckoned at Gu Qingman.

Gu Qingman was full of doubts, “What are you doing?”

Could it be that she wanted to treat a patient?

But the patient was not with her…

Qin Yiyi rolled his eyes at her and made a call.

“The two of you, go with her. The rest of you go and ask around. Tell me if there’s any news.”

After hanging up the phone, Qin Yi looked at Gu Qingman.

“Have you brought your father’s pulse measurement?” That was what she wanted!

Pulse chart?

Gu Qingman was stunned for a moment before she realized what she was talking about. It should be the medical record!

“I brought a copy, okay?”

“Okay, bring it over for me to take a look first.”

Gu Qingman was obviously well-prepared.

Therefore, when Qin Yiyi first wanted the medical record, she handed it over without thinking.

In her grandfather’s words, she should never suspect a person when she used them!

Qin Yiyi casually flipped it twice and threw it to the side. She sat there with her eyes lowered.

She did not make a sound for a long time.

On the other hand, Gu Qingman finally could not help but speak again.

“Yiyi, what are you thinking about?”

Could it be that her father’s illness was very difficult to treat, or that Yiyi did not feel confident?

In the next moment, she became anxious.

“Yiyi, didn’t you save grandfather Mu and the others? Your medical skills are highly recommended by the old master. You will definitely be able to cure my father.”

“Am I right?”

Qin Yiyi glanced at her and handed over the medical records of the Gu family head that she had brought back to her.

However, this action of hers gave Gu Qingman a fright, and her tears fell out anxiously.

“Miss Qin, I’m begging you. Can you help me save my father?”

Pausing for a moment, she made up her mind and added, “As long as Miss Qin can save my father, I will give you a million!”

Qin Yiyi laughed and looked at Gu Qingman as she spoke slowly.

“So, the head of your Gu family is only worth a million?”

Gu Qingman was a little confused when she heard this.

In the next moment, her eyes widened.

A million was actually not enough?!

Taking a deep breath, she decided to let Qin Yiyi state her terms first.

“Then, Yiyi, tell me, how much do you charge for this consultation? I can do it if you tell me.”

She could do it as long as Qin Yiyi could really cure her father.

She could even go around borrowing and even robbing!

Qin Yiyi rolled her eyes at her. “What are you thinking? I didn’t ask you to rob anything.”

Gu Qing man felt embarrassed that she was completely seen through by the other party.

Qin Yiyi chuckled and looked at Gu Qingman seriously.

“Five million, and I’ll make this trip.”

Five million?!

Gu Qingman wanted to say, “Why don’t you rob a bank?”

But she swallowed her words.

She looked a little troubled, “Five million is a little too much, I don’t have that much on me…”

“Yiyi, can you go and check on my dad first, and then I’ll think of a way to give you the money later?”

In the morning, she eavesdropped on her parents’conversation outside the window.

Her dad’s body probably wouldn’t last for more than a few days!

Qin Yiyi thought for a moment, then got up and walked to the study room. He came back very soon.

“Give this to your dad when you go back. He can last for another half a month.”

She would give this half a month for Gu Qingman to raise money.

The corner of Gu Qingman’s mouth twitched. She looked up at Qin Yiyi and finally nodded.

“Then I’ll go back now and raise the money as soon as possible. I’ll call you to inform you when the time comes.”


Qin Yiyi didn’t want to give it away at first, but for the sake of money…

Forget it, forget it. The god of wealth was the biggest for the time being!

At the door.

She waved at Gu Qingman, “Take care.”

After Gu Qingman walked into the elevator and disappeared, Qin Yiyi shrugged her shoulders and returned to her room.

She directly sank into the sofa. She thought of the incident with Gu Qingman just now and finally picked up her phone to make a call.

Almost at the moment she made the call, Shang Jingheng picked it up.

It was as if he had been staring at his phone waiting for her call.

“Yiyi, what’s wrong? Is there something you need me to do? Tell me, I’ll go do it right now.”

Listening to Shang Jingheng’s calm and considerate words on the phone, Qin Yiyi felt warm in her heart.

She chuckled softly. “I wanted to ask you where you are. Do you want to come back for lunch? Grandma and the rest…”

“Yes, I’ll come back now!”

Before Qin Yiyi could finish her sentence, Shang Jingheng had already waved at the few people beside him and mouthed his way out of the meeting. They would discuss it another day. Then, he took his coat and walked out while talking on his phone. After a few steps, he entered the elevator…

The secretary asked, “Where did the president go?”

“The president has been skipping work more and more recently!”

Shang Jingheng, who was being nagged by a few assistant secretaries, did not mind.

There were so many people in the company.

So what if he, the boss, left early and arrived a little later for a few days?

If the company could not continue operating like this, then wouldn’t he have hired so many people for nothing?!

Qin Yiyi looked at Shang Jingheng, who had appeared in front of her ten minutes later. It was funny and infuriating at the same time.

“Why are you in such a hurry? It’s not like there’s no food for you.”

“I just finished my work and came over.”

Shang Jingheng sat down nonchalantly and the two of them chatted while drinking tea.

When he heard Qin Yiyi mention that Gu Qingman had asked her to treat the master of the Gu family’s illness, he raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Don’t go.”

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