9th masters little darling is trolling again – Chapter 191

Chapter 191: To Help

Although he was fast, Shang Jingheng was one step faster than him.

He directly sent the person flying with a slap!

With a kacha sound, Luo Jun’s wrist was broken by Qin Yiyi who was raising his body.

A silenced and modified pistol fell to the ground with a ‘Kacha‘ sound.

Qin Yiyi glanced at it casually and then withdrew her gaze.

This gun was a little ugly!

Shang Jingheng raised his leg and kicked it away. In an indifferent voice, he said, “Ding Yi, drag him out.”

“Yes, sir.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ding Yi brought him away in with a straight face.

He directly crippled Luo Jun’s limbs. In order to prevent him from committing suicide, he even broke his chin.

Qin Yiyi looked at his nimble and skillful movements and raised her eyebrows.

it seemed that Ding Yi had done it many times.

“Sir, I have already made a call to the security bureau. They should be arriving soon. Hand this person over?”

Shang Jingheng nodded. “Leave it to them.”

It was useless to leave it in his hands.

Moreover, he did not expect Luo Jun to be…

“Yiyi, how did you know that he is an internationally wanted criminal?”

Qin Yiyi smiled with a crafty look on her face. “Secret!”

Shang Jingheng didn’t ask any further questions. He only left Ding Yi to deal with the aftermath. The two of them walked away casually.

They strolled along in the street.

There weren’t many people on the street around them. Qin Yiyi found it a little funny,

“I guess young master Luo must be regretting it to death right now, right?”

This wasn’t just a simple scam.

It was simply a disaster upon their entire family and their ancestors.

“Oh right, the security bureau that Ding Yi mentioned just now. Do you have any dealings with the security bureau?”

Although Qin Yiyi had never interacted with the people here, she knew that there was such a department.

Moreover, the people in that department were all extraordinary.

They could be said to be the elites among the elites!

Qin Yiyi did not think of having any dealings with those people. She also self-confessed that she would not do anything harmful to the country and the people!

At this moment, her casual question was just a little expression of curiosity.

Shang Jingheng glanced at her and said softly, “The Security Bureau was initially established by the Shang family.”

Qin Yiyi,”…” Alright, forget about her asking!

Although she didn’t ask about the follow-up to the Luo family, Ding Yi deliberately came up to her two days after the auction ended.

“Miss Qin, do you know what happened to the Luo Family? Only a few people were fine. The rest, regardless of gender, were mostly imprisoned.”

Among them, there were actually more than a dozen who were specially imprisoned!

Who would have thought that the Luo family, which looked like a blossoming flower, would actually be such a filthy place!

Qin Yiyi smiled. “Isn’t the safest place the most dangerous one?”

Therefore, so many people had been searching for several years without a trace.

However, third master Luo was openly active under everyone’s eyes!

“Sigh, you’ve finally said it. Let me tell you, Miss Qin. After hearing those things, I really want to blow their heads off!”

How many innocent lives were lost…

Just like that, they were given away..

“Oh right, Miss Qin, our Master said that you were the one who told him about third master Luo’s identity. How did you know?”

Qin Yiyi tilted her head and glanced at him, but she didn’t say the word ‘secret’.

She only thought for a moment and said, “There is a tool called a computer in this world. There is a thing called the Internet…”

Ding Yi,”…”

Qin Yiyi didn’t take Luo Jun’s matter to heart.

Even though Ding Yi had repeatedly told her that with the fall of the Luo family, the structure of the wealthy families in the imperial capital would have to be changed!

However, Qin Yiyi completely ignored all of this and once again focused all her attention on the research of the new medicine.

In the blink of an eye, more than a week had passed.

Qin Yiyi had some clues about the new medicine and was thinking that she had not properly spent time with her grandmother for a few days.

She went home from the laboratory and prepared to spend time with her grandmother.

However, Ding Yi looked at her with a strange expression.

“Um, Miss Qin, do you have time recently?”

Qin Yiyi glanced at him and couldn’t help but be curious.

“Ding Yi, which girl do you fancy? Do you want me to help and set you up with her?”

Otherwise, why would a grown man be so bashful?

Ding Yi said, “… No, no, Miss Qin. It’s just that, if you’re free recently, I have a friend here who wants to ask you for a favor…”

“You want to ask me for a favor?”

Qin Yiyi didn’t think too much about it and directly nodded.

“Sure, then what do you want? I’ll definitely help if I can.”

Ding Yi had known her since she came back, and he had helped her quite a lot.

Now that he had asked her for a favor…

Qin Yiyi readily agreed. “Just tell me what it is.”

“No, it’s not me. It’s a friend of mine. He has something to do… If you agree, Miss Qin, then I’ll ask him to come over?”


Qin Yiyi’s words made Ding Yi a little bolder. “Then, Miss Qin, are you free tomorrow?”

“I’m free tomorrow morning.”

“Then I’ll bring my friend to look for you tomorrow morning.”

After Ding Yi left, Qin Yiyi played with Grandma Fang for a long time. After dinner, she took the old couple for a walk before returning home to rest.

The next morning at eight o’clock.

Ding Yi called at the right time and arranged a meeting place. Qin Yiyi didn’t ask him to pick her up, so she directly took a taxi.

It was actually a coffee shop.

As soon as Qin Yiyi got out of the car, she saw Ding Yi pacing back and forth at the door.

Seeing her appear, Ding Yi shouted from afar, “Miss Qin, I’m here…”

She walked over with light footsteps.

“Your friend is here?”

“He’s inside. Miss Qin, please…”

Qin Yiyi followed him in. When she reached the innermost seat by the window, she saw a young man looking out of the window with a worried expression.

Hearing footsteps, he turned around. “Ding Yi, the friend you mentioned is here?”

“Eh, this is…”

He glanced past Qin Yiyi and his slightly displeased gaze landed on Ding Yi.

“Ding Yi, my time is limited. What are you doing?”

Could it be that this fellow’s brain was acting up again, coaxing him to come over for a blind date?

Ding Yi glared at him, but he turned around with a respectful expression.

“Miss Qin, please have a seat. What do you want to drink? I’ll go get it for you.”

“Plain boiled water.”

After so many years in this strange world, Qin Yiyi’s taste had more or less changed.

Now, other than desserts, milk tea, and tea, she wouldn’t touch anything else like coffee and drinks!

Ding Yi got up and was about to get some water.

However, he was stopped by a young man. “Ding Yi, what are you doing?”

There was a hint of anger on his face. Fortunately, he didn’t raise his voice because he was worried about Qin Yiyi’s identity as a girl. He just lowered his voice.

“You said you would help me and tricked me into coming here for a blind date? Let me ask you. What did you take from my mother this time?”

Ding Yi’s face was full of fear and he almost went up to block his mouth. “What nonsense are you talking about? Shut up!”

Blind date? If the ninth master heard these words, he would be skinned alive!

Taking a deep breath, he introduced seriously, “This is Miss Qin, the computer genius expert I told you about. Miss Qin will definitely be able to help you with your case…”

“Nonsense!” The other party was furious.