9th masters little darling is trolling again – Chapter 189

Chapter 189: Beat up the Little One, and the Old One Will Come

He sneered, “All of you, attack!”

Did she want to call the police?

How naive!

He would use his actions to teach this little beauty a lesson right now. He was not someone who could be controlled by just anyone!

A few people rushed towards Shang Jingheng.

Shang Jingheng felt that the man beside him was about to attack. However, a figure beside him scuttled out faster than him.

Qin Yiyi raised her leg and kicked the person out.

She twisted her body and directly punched the other party’s face…

In just three to five moves, the four bodyguards were all knocked to the ground by her.

Looking at young master Luo’s almost dumbfounded expression, she grinned at the other party.

Young Master Luo was so scared that he almost jumped up. “Y-you, you, don’t come over!”

Was this person human? How could she be so powerful?

No, was this really a little girl?

Young Master Luo, whose hands and legs were trembling, almost collapsed on the ground. He looked at Qin Yiyi with fear in his eyes.


The next moment, he turned around and ran!

However, Qin Yiyi took a few steps in front of him and slapped him several times!

In the end, he plopped on the ground in a daze.

Half of his face was swollen.

He subconsciously wiped the corner of his mouth, which was covered in blood…

As he spat out a mouthful of blood, there were actually two front teeth!

Qin Yiyi was annoyed by his words just now. He actually dared to say that big brother Shang was useless?

Damn it!

She bent down and smiled at the other party.

“Now, tell me, which one of us won’t let the other go?”

Young Master Luo was so frightened that his face turned pale. He covered his face with one hand and pointed at Qin Yiyi with the other hand, trembling.

“You, you… I’m a member of the Luo family in the imperial capital. How dare you treat me like this? You’re done for. Haha, you’re done for…”

Before Qin Yiyi could say anything else, Shang Jingheng kicked him away.

Shang Jingheng knocked him unconscious with one kick and pulled his leg back with an indifferent expression.

“This body is a little weak. He couldn’t even handle a single kick.”

Qin Yiyi,”…” What kind of person can withstand your kick that contains true energy?!

Even a rock can’t do it, alright?!

“Let’s go.”

Shang Jingheng coaxed Qin Yiyi. He felt that he couldn’t even let the little girl take one more look at that scoundrel!

What if he infected such a smart little girl into a stupor?

He had to leave as soon as possible!

Qin Yiyi followed Shang Jingheng and left.

Young Master Luo and the others who were lying on the ground slowly woke up after a long time.

Looking at young master Luo, who was lying on the ground with a bruised face, a few bodyguards sent him home in fear.

“Young master Luo, look at this matter…”

“Get lost, you bunch of useless things!”

Young Master Luo scolded them and left. Then, he went around the house and scolded them again.

Finally, he sat on the sofa and started to make a phone call.

“Third uncle, when are you coming over? Your nephew was beaten up…”

“Third uncle, you have to come over and get revenge for me.”

Young Master Luo cried for a while. After getting a satisfactory answer in the end, he hung up the phone and his face returned to a smug look.

Wasn’t it just a few moves?

Alright, he would like to see how many people a smelly girl could deal with!

After getting someone to deliver the food, young master Luo quickly regained his spirit after eating.

“The few of you, call ten people for me. Together with the five of you, we’ll go to the hotel together.”

He didn’t believe that that smelly girl could beat the dozen or so people around him!

This time, he wouldn’t be so polite to her!

The bodyguard was a little hesitant. “Young Master Luo, those two people are quite extraordinary. Didn’t you already call Mr. Luo San just now? Why don’t we wait for Mr. Luo San to come over before we talk?”

“What are you talking about? How can I always wait for third uncle to make decisions for me?”

Young Master Luo’s expression suddenly changed as he looked at the other party coldly.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to go. I’ll fire you from your bodyguard position now. I’ll find someone else later!”

He had money.

There were many people who wanted to work by his side!

The bodyguard sighed helplessly in his heart and nodded. “Young master Luo, don’t be angry. I’ll go and get someone now.”

“Go, go. Remember to hurry up.”

Qin Yiyi didn’t expect that idiot to be able to bring people to attack her again.

Shang Jingheng took a call and went out.

She was alone in her room, bored. She had just walked to the lobby on the first floor of the hotel.

A group of people rushed in aggressively through the door.

One of them happened to be a person who had been beaten up by her before. He suddenly rushed in and looked up to see Qin Yiyi.

He was so shocked that he couldn’t even catch his breath. He almost stood there and breathed his last breath!

With a flushed face, he pointed at Qin Yiyi. “She, she, she, she…” It was her!

The last three words were swallowed back when Qin Yiyi glanced at him. He didn’t dare to say it out loud!

But even so, more than ten people recognized Qin Yiyi at once.

It was mainly because she was too good-looking!

Suddenly, they surrounded Qin Yiyi in a circle. “Miss Qin, right? Our young master said to invite you over as a guest and make friends.”

The bodyguard who spoke was also quite helpless.

But what could he do? Young Master Luo had really instructed him to bring that woman over properly!

He wanted to subdue and tame her properly!

To make her kneel at his feet and sing to him…

If he wanted her to kneel, she would kneel. If he wanted her to scram, she would scram!

Qin Yiyi pursed her lips, and she nodded as if she had thought of something.

“Alright, then I’ll leave with you guys now?” She was extremely bored. It was a show sent by an idiot. It would be a waste not to watch it!

The bodyguards did not expect the other party to be so agreeable.

They were even stunned for a moment. Then, afraid that Qin Yiyi would regret it, they brought her directly to the car outside.

The hotel staff didn’t even have time to stop them!

The bodyguards instantly split into two groups. One group sent Qin Yiyi to young master Luo’s place, while the other group prepared to continue looking for Shang Jingheng without mentioning it.

The car drove for half an hour.

Qin Yiyi stretched a few times. “How much longer do we have? If we don’t arrive soon, I’ll have to get out of the car.”

The driver turned around and glanced at her, his tone strange.

“Do you think you can get out of the car?”

Did those companions from before really get beaten up by this little girl?

Did she change into a different person?

This little girl was so delicate and soft. She didn’t look like she had any skills.

Ten minutes later.

Qin Yiyi was brought to young master Luo.

When he saw Qin Yiyi, young master Luo’s eyes lit up. “Haha, wretched girl, you were still brought here by my people, right?”

He had to do it the hard way!

He sat on the sofa and waved at the people beside him. “All of you, get lost!”

Then, his malicious gaze landed on Qin Yiyi.

“You, come over here and help me massage my back. I’ve been a little tired recently, so you can give me a full body massage first.”

He crossed his legs and looked extremely proud.

Look, this was the result of not listening to his kind words!

Qin Yiyi glanced at him and said calmly, “You want me to massage your back? Are you sure?”

“Nonsense. Just hurry up.”

Qin Yiyi raised her eyes and smiled. While the other party was still immersed in the smile and was still in a daze, she immediately stepped forward and waved her hands at young master Luo.

Beat him to death!

“Ahhhh! Stop! It hurts so much…”

“Please spare my life…”


The door was knocked open.

Young Master Luo, whose face was covered in blood, looked up and saw the person walking at the front. He screamed at the top of his lungs.

“Uncle! Third uncle, save me!”