9th masters little darling is trolling again – Chapter 188

Chapter 188: Guarantee Your Satisfaction

It was not until the moment before the auction ended that young master Luo’s men appeared respectfully.

“Young master, the information you requested has been sent over.”

“It’s about those two people? Where did they come from?” Young Master Luo only glanced at the girl beside him before waving his hand to let her sit far away. He took the phone that the other party handed over and looked at it carefully. His brows raised and his tone also became relaxed. “Staying at Xin Lin Hotel? The girl is a student?”

“Hello, student.”

He let out a laugh and threw the phone away after looking at it for a while.

“Have you checked their booking records? It’s been a few days. When are they going to check out?”

“It’s said that the booking is for five days, but today is the first day…”

A shadow flashed in young master Luo’s eyes and he waved at the person in front of him.

“Alright, brothers, you’ve worked hard. Remember to give them more red packets later and go have some tea. Oh right, I’ll look for you later.”

“Alright, Young Master Luo.”

The other party turned around and left very respectfully.

Until he walked out of the room, the young man’s face was filled with disdain.

Didn’t he just have a bit of stinky money?!

What was there to gloat about?!

It was just that…

The next moment, he smiled bitterly. Didn’t they earn just this little bit of stinky money?

If it wasn’t for the fact that young master Luo had always been generous…

Who would be willing to serve a man with such a strange temper who turned hostile faster than flipping through a book?!

As he walked outside, he picked up his phone to transfer the money and inadvertently glanced at Qin Yiyi’s photo again.

The little girl smiled with her eyes curved. He didn’t know what she was looking at, but she had raised her head to look at the sky…

It had to be said that this little girl was really born good!

In the young man’s opinion, whoever offended or caused trouble for the other party was probably just looking at the little girl!

Unfortunately, she was just another little sheep that was about to be caught in the jaws of a tiger.

However, he did not have the slightest bit of sympathy.

The auction ended.

Qin Yiyi and Shang Jingheng directly left Xu Zhuoyan behind to deal with the aftermath.

Then, the two of them walked out side by side.

Coincidentally, Young Master Luo and his group, who were walking out from the other side of the passageway, bumped into them at the entrance.

Qin Yiyi glanced at them from afar and recognized them as the two idiots from earlier.

Young Master Luo was reminded by the people beside him and only then did he see Qin Yiyi and Shang Jingheng.

His gaze swept over Qin Yiyi.

A hint of envy flashed in young master Luo’s eyes once again.

This girl, he was determined to get her!

Qin Yiyi chuckled. There were quite a few people who had such thoughts towards her. If they dared to act rashly, she would send them to meet their maker!

Shang Jingheng naturally recognized the group of people opposite him.

When he realized that the other party’s gaze was not right, a sharp glint flashed across his eyes.

Courting death!

Qin Yiyi stood by his side. Naturally, she was the most sensitive to the aura around him.

Almost at the moment when his murderous aura was escaping, she casually raised her hand and patted his shoulder. “Big Brother Shang, let’s go.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

It was as if there was a switch.

As soon as Qin Yiyi finished speaking, the threatening aura on Shang Jingheng’s body instantly dispersed.

It disappeared without a trace!

Young Master Luo didn’t feel anything at all.

He actually stupidly rushed over with his men. “Hey, you two, stop right there. I’m talking to you two. Stop right there!”

Qin Yiyi heard the two idiots shouting behind her, and she shook her head sympathetically in her heart.

But really..

She couldn’t save this damn ghost!

Before she could make a move, Shang Jingheng stopped beside her.

He turned around and looked at young master Luo behind him.

“Are you calling us?”

“Yes, I’m calling you. Did you do it on purpose just now in there, causing this young master to lose so much money? Tell me, how are we going to settle this matter?”

As he spoke, his gaze fell on Qin Yiyi.

Needless to say, the expression on his face was as if he couldn’t wait to snatch her away. Why did she choose Shang Jingheng over him?!

It was definitely because this little girl didn’t know about his own power and status!

Thinking of this, he coughed lightly and actually started to introduce himself for no reason, “Oh right, allow me to introduce myself. I’m a member of the Luo family of the imperial capital. Do you know the Luo Family? They are a famous and noble family in the imperial capital! Little girl, you still don’t know. As long as you choose to follow me, I guarantee that you will be able to enjoy a good life and become a superior person…” He narrowed his eyes and looked at Shang Jingheng; his eyes were filled with disdain. “What’s so good about this man? He’s just a show-off. He’s nothing compared to me.”

“I heard that you are still a student. How about this? As long as you follow me, you can tell me which university you want to go to later. I guarantee that you will be satisfied. How about that?”

“In fact, as long as you make this young master happy, sending you abroad is not a problem either!”

As he spoke, he glanced at Shang Jingheng and said in a somewhat provocative and contemptuous tone.

“Can he do all this? What are you looking for such a useless person for? Hurry up and kick him out. This young master doesn’t mind that you have been with other people.”

“But I dislike that you have been with other people.”

Qin Yiyi looked at his angry appearance and wanted to laugh.

“Look at these crooked people around you. Who knows what other problems they might have?”

“I mind you.”

The other party was a little confused by these words. “You actually mind me? Why?”

He was so rich and his family had status.

Wasn’t it normal to have a few women around him?

“What can he give you if you follow this man? At most a few million. As long as you dump him, I’ll give you five million immediately.”

“How about it?”

Qin Yiyi,”…”

She took a deep breath and looked at Shang Jingheng while holding in her laughter.

What she meant was, ‘Look how useless you are. You can’t even compare to a profligate son!’

She winked at Shang Jingheng, her eyes charming.

Five million.

Sigh, how can she break my heart like this?!

Shang Jingheng smiled helplessly. When he turned around, his face had already darkened.

“Luo Shaoxing’s family?”

“Good, you actually dare to call my father by his name. I think you don’t want to live anymore. Just you wait…”

Young Master Luo’s face darkened. He directly called out to the few bodyguards behind him.

“You heard it, right? They were the ones who disrespected my father first. You guys go up and teach him a good lesson.”

He watched as the few of them walked forward.

Young master Luo hurriedly added, “Hey, you guys better watch out. Don’t hurt the little beauty, and don’t hurt her face.”

That was his!

Qin Yiyi,”…” What a big face!

She watched as the few of them walked toward them with murderous intent.

The people around her looked fearful and avoided them.

Qin Yiyi looked at Shang Jingheng curiously.

“No one cares about this place?” It was broad daylight. Wasn’t it a little inappropriate to fight like this?

Shang Jingheng pursed his lips and said calmly, “This is still considered the territory of the Chamber of Commerce. We’re taking advantage of this loophole.”

He paused for a moment and turned to look at Qin Yiyi.

“Can I join?”

Qin Yiyi rolled her eyes and suddenly blinked.

“Or should I call the police?”

Master Luo and the others were speechless.