9th masters little darling is trolling again – Chapter 186

Chapter 186: Idiot

The voice outside was arrogant and despotic.

Extremely unruly and overbearing. “You actually dare to give my seat to someone else. I think your auction house doesn’t want to open anymore, right? Go and tell your manager to empty out my room within ten minutes, no, within five minutes, and replace all the things inside for me. Also, compensate me for the two items that I auctioned this time, and I won’t bother with you!”

“Why are you still in a daze? Quickly go and tell your manager.”

The cubicle was originally small.

But the soundproofing was quite good. Logically speaking, nothing could be heard outside.

Only by pressing the walkie-talkie during the auction could one amplify their own voice.

But the two people had just entered, plus Shang Jingheng felt that it was Qin Yiyi’s first time here. As a young lady, it was normal for her to be curious.

He did not expect such an oversight.

The commotion outside was transmitted in just like that.

Shang Jingheng’s face darkened, and a hint of anger flashed in his eyes.

What a blind thing!

Qin Yiyi, on the other hand, felt that it was rather funny. The man outside was the representative of a hedonistic young master.


If there was a beautiful woman with him, then…

Then, before Qin Yiyi could finish his thought, a sweet voice suddenly sounded from outside the closed door.

“Aiya, young master Luo, you were really impressive just now. You almost scared me to death.”

“Baby, What are you afraid of? You are my darling. I was scolding them.”

“Baby, you must be tired. It’s all the fault of that group of trash. Don’t worry, I will make them compensate you properly later. When the auction is held later, you can directly bid for whatever you like. I will make them bleed a little. Let’s see if they dare to be so blind again next time.”

The girl’s voice was very coquettish. “Young Master Luo, you’re really nice to me…”

“Haha, if I’m not nice to you, who will I be nice to?”

Qin Yiyi listened with great interest and wanted to continue listening.

These two people wouldn’t kiss in public, right?

Suddenly, there was a hand covering both of her ear.

Qin Yiyi raised her eyes. Her very unhappy eyes were filled with criticism.

‘Brother Shang, what are you doing?!’

She was listening at the right time. It would be boring if she was interrupted at this moment.

The corner of Shang Jingheng’s mouth twitched. He pulled her back to the sofa with one hand and lightly slapped the door with the other.

The door closed with the wind.

Qin Yiyi yelped and blinked. “Brother Shang, your Qi has improved again!”

“Yes, thanks to a certain young lady, the poison in my body has been completely removed and it has improved quite a bit. How do you think I should thank her?”

Qin Yiyi rested her chin on her hand and looked at a certain someone.

“Why don’t you help her earn money for the rest of her life? The more the better.”

If there really was such a person helping her earn money…

Then she could easily earn money for the rest of her life.

Just thinking about that kind of situation where she could lie on a pile of money at night and spend the rest of her life without worrying about spending it…

Qin Yiyi wanted to giggle foolishly!

However, Shang Jingheng’s lips twitched when he heard that. However, he suddenly thought of something and immediately nodded with a meaningful smile.

“Then we have a deal.”

Ah, what deal?

Qin Yiyi was a little confused. She blinked and thought about it, but she was still a little worried.

“Brother Shang, what did you say just now?”

“I’ll help you earn money for the rest of your life.”

Shang Jingheng looked at the confusion and strangeness in the depths of the little girl’s eyes.

He smiled gently. “Don’t worry, I’m capable of earning money. I won’t let you down.”

“No, I…” She was just joking just now!

If she wanted to earn money, she could do it herself.

Besides, she had Qin San, Du Wuniang, and Yang Huaijun.

She wasn’t worried about money at all, alright?!

Shang Jingheng sighed in his heart. He knew that this girl was joking!


He looked at Qin Yiyi and was about to speak.

There was a dull thud at the door of the private room. Someone must have knocked into the door.

The two of them did not take it seriously.

The auction house had its own martial arts and security system. It could handle normal accidents on its own.

Shang Jingheng was not worried, so Qin Yiyi naturally would not meddle in other people’s business.

Moreover, she felt that the one causing trouble outside should still be that idiot from before!

The two of them chatted and laughed as time passed bit by bit.

As the host announced the start of the auction.

The host quickly began the first round of the auction.

A masterpiece painting.

The price was hyped up to the sky. Of course, in the eyes of those who admired it, it was definitely worth the price.

Qin Yiyi felt that it was just a piece of paper.

In the end, it was taken away by a collector for a staggering 10 million…

Qin Yiyi shook her head. He was really rich.

If it were her, uh, she would only be generous for the sake of medicine and some handy items.

She would never spend such a large sum of money to buy such a piece of paper!

Shang Jingheng looked at her expression and wanted to laugh.

“Didn’t I remember that you liked to draw?”

“I just casually drew.”

Qin Yiyi tilted her head and smiled. Her tone was casual, “I was just passing the time.”

Hearing her words, Shang Jingheng couldn’t help but laugh.

“Your teacher will be angry when he hears this.”

“En, the old man has been a little hot-tempered recently. Senior brother has called me a few times to complain. I have to go over to take a look after the matters here are settled.”

At this point, Qin Yiyi sighed.

She was like a leaf, moving wherever she needed to go!

Sigh, it wasn’t easy.

He was touched by himself!

Shang Jingheng saw that she couldn’t hold it in anymore and reached out to pat her hair.

“If you don’t want to deal with it, then don’t go.”

“Forget it. The old man treats me quite well. I guess it’s menopause. I’ll go over to take a look.”

Shang Jingheng would not stop Qin Yiyi from dealing with her matters.

Since she had already said so, he naturally changed the topic. “Have you finished looking through the items on the list? If there’s anything you like, I’ll buy it for you.”


It was just some paintings and antiques.

She was not interested in them at all!

However, a few small things in the middle made her squint her eyes.

“These few copper coins and this jade carving, if possible, bid for them.”

“Alright, I’ll get Xu Zhuoyan to bid for them later.”

Who knew that Qin Yiyi would shake her head and say, “No, I’ll do it myself.”

In her previous life, she had naturally participated in many auctions, but those were all in a different space-time.

Now that she had returned, counting her past life and this life, she had never played so casually in her two lives.

This time, she wanted to do it herself!

“Okay, then you do it yourself.”

Twenty minutes later.

Finally, it was the five copper coins that Qin Yiyi wanted.

Following the host’s introduction, the final bidding price was set at 300,000.

It was not high, but it was not low either.

Of course, this was in the eyes of ordinary collectors.

In the eyes of people like Qin Yiyi, this was a priceless treasure!

Qin Yiyi did not bid immediately until the price was doubled outside.

Only then did she suddenly press the ‘bid’ button.


However, as her voice rang out, an imposing voice that sounded like that of a fool suddenly rang out.

“One million!”