Chapter 184: Fainted From Anger

Mrs. Guo did not feel that there was anything wrong with it.

Her own son was injured to this extent, couldn’t she go and find trouble with those two girls?!

Although it was said that the students of Shenghua High School might study well.

But so what?

Their family was a famous figure in Shanghai!

No matter how good their studies were, there were not many who could succeed without someone supporting them.

Moreover, Mrs. Guo had been flattered a little too much by those wives in the entire Shanghai market circle. She was self-righteous.

She really didn’t take Qin Yiyi seriously when she sent someone to get a few people to teach her a lesson.

Until Mr. Guo called her in a fluster.

“Did you and your son cause trouble for me again?”

Mrs. Guo became unhappy when she heard this, “How can you say that? What do you mean by ‘my son and I’? Isn’t he your son as well? What trouble can we cause? Besides, your son is still lying in the hospital. The doctor said that it’s very serious. Also, when will you come back? If you don’t come back, you might not even be able to see your son for the last time.”

These words gave Mr. Guo a fright.

“What happened? What happened to my son?”

He was so anxious that he forgot about the trouble his son had caused.

Mrs. Guo was a little satisfied, but in the next moment, she began to cry.

“He was beaten by a little girl. Old Guo, please come back. Our son is in a terrible situation. He is still in surgery.”

“Don’t cry. Don’t cry. I will come back right away.”

Mr. Guo flew back overnight. He couldn’t even care about his business anymore.

Of course, there was nothing else to care about.

The other party had already said that this business deal was over. They wouldn’t talk about it anymore.

As for the reason…

‘Oh, I’d advise Mr. Guo to go home and ask Mrs. Guo and the young master.’

That was why Mr. Guo had called in a huff earlier and was prepared to interrogate them, but in the end…

In the intensive care unit of the hospital.

Mr. Guo was shocked when he saw his son wrapped up like a mummy.

“He was fine before this. How did he…”

“Who did this to our son? I’ll send someone over right now to avenge our son.”

A hint of viciousness flashed in Mr. Guo’s eyes.

How dare someone hurt his son?

He must make them pay back ten times or even a hundred times!

When Mr. Guo said this, Mrs. Guo suddenly remembered.

“That’s not right. I’ve already sent people to bring that wretched girl. Don’t tell me they haven’t had a chance to catch her?”

“No, I have to make a call to urge them.”

In the end, she hadn’t even made the call.

Her cell phone rang first. It was the housekeeper at home. Her voice was anxious and a little nervous.

“Mrs. Guo, several people were thrown at our door. They were thrown here directly. We don’t know if they’re alive or dead…”

“AH, how could this be? See if you know anyone…”

When Mrs. Guo hung up the phone, Mr. Guo looked at her.

“What’s going on? What did the housekeeper say?”

“She said…”

“Wait a minute. I need to take this call.”

Mr. Guo looked at his wife. As soon as he picked up the phone, his assistant’s anxious voice sounded, “Boss, you should come back soon. The tax, fire, and even safety experts of the company came here together. They said that our company has seriously violated various regulations and is going to close down now…”

“Moreover, the tax team has already been stationed there to investigate…”

Mr. Guo’s vision went dark, and he almost fainted.

“I’ll be there right away!”

He didn’t even have time to say anything to Mrs. Guo before he turned around and trotted into the elevator.

Mrs. Guo was also anxious, but unfortunately, she couldn’t get through to him after making a few calls. In the end, she could only call home again.

The butler answered almost instantly. “Madam, the police have already come over. Those few people have all pointed out that you sent them to commit murder… The police comrades have requested that you wait at the hospital and don’t move. They’re going over to question you right away…”

This time, it was Mrs. Guo who wanted to faint.

She sat down on the chair. How could this be?

She did not know that this was only the beginning.

In just a few days, not only did the entire Guo Corporation go bankrupt, but even the fact that Mr. Guo had a mistress and Mrs. Guo had a few boyt*ys outside were immediately exposed by others. The most serious thing was… Mr. Guo’s company was heavily involved in tax evasion, and he was accused of business fraud, extortion, and several other crimes. He was directly charged and detained!

In just a few days…

Mrs. Guo sat at the door of the ordinary ward, wanting to cry, but no tears came out.

What was wrong with the Guo family?

Just then, Young Master Guo woke up. Ignoring his mother’s tears of joy, he directly opened his mouth.

“Mom, that wretched girl hit me. Get someone to bring her here. I want her to kneel in front of me and beg me to serve me!”

He wanted that girl to lick his shoes!

That girl..

Mrs. Guo reacted almost instantly. She looked at her son and closed her eyes.

“Do you know who you have offended? She has ruined our family. Our family has gone bankrupt!”

“How is that possible?”

Young master Guo denied it without thinking. “Mom, why are you lying to me with this? I’m already so hurt. Don’t you feel sorry for me?”

Seriously, his mother had used this excuse in order not to help him.

But really…

He struggled to get up. “Mom, if you don’t help me, I’ll do it myself. Give me the phone…”

“Give what? Your father has been brought in and can’t come out!”

Mrs. Guo looked at her son’s arrogant face and wanted to hit him.

It’s all because of this stupid thing!

But in the end, it was the flesh that came from her body…

Her hand weakly fell down.

She sat on the ground by the bed and cried until her voice was hoarse. “It’s true. Our family is finished. Mom couldn’t figure out what was going on before. Your father and I usually don’t offend people. How come… Now it seems that you have provoked that little girl.” It was true. How could she be weak when she could beat up a few people Mrs. Guo sent and throw them back to the Guo family’s gate and make them bite her?

Fortunately, she didn’t leave any concrete evidence.


She would have to go in with them!

“Mom, are you telling the truth?”

Young master Guo was dumbfounded. Looking at his mother, he was a little scared. “Is our family really broke?”

“If not, do you think you would be living in a room like this?”

Young master Guo looked around and found that there were several beds besides his!

However, there were no patients.

He was stunned for a moment, and then he cried in the next moment.

“Why? Don’t I have no money to spend after our family goes bankrupt?”

“Mom, how much money do you have? You must have hidden a lot, right? Give it to me. Give it to me, okay?”

“I’m your biological son. Mom, you can’t just ignore me.”

“Mom, give me the money you hid right now. I’ll go abroad. I’ll start from scratch. I’ll come back to pick you up after I earn money…”

She met her son’s flickering gaze.

Mrs. Guo couldn’t even take a breath and fell to the ground.

She was so angry that she fainted!