9th masters little darling is trolling again – Chapter 183

Chapter 183: Was Nothing More Than That

Qin Yiyi sat there watching them eat.

Oh, to be exact, she was watching Guo eat alone while Lu Jinwan’s cousin was feeding them.

There were two other men lying on the ground…

Lu Jinwan was a little worried. She looked at this and that.

She gently tugged at the corner of Qin Yiyi’s shirt. “Yiyi, why don’t we hurry up and leave?”

This matter seemed to be getting out of hand.

She had to quickly go back and inform her parents. Furthermore, she had to make sure that they would not blame Yiyi.

Yiyi was trying to protect her!

Lu Jinwan even made a decision in her heart. No matter what she did, this matter must not involve Yiyi in the slightest!

No matter how bad the consequences were, she had to bear it alone!

How could Qin Yiyi not see through her thoughts? She shook her head and patted her shoulder with a smile.

“Don’t worry. Nothing will happen.”

As if by a miracle, Lu Jinwan’s worries and apprehensions all dissipated under Qin Yiyi’s calm gaze and gentle tone.

She took a deep breath and stood beside Qin Yiyi.

“Okay, I’ll listen to Yiyi.”

No matter what, she and Yiyi were on the same side!

In the end, young master Guo spat out the food he had eaten. He was forced to eat it again and again until he finished it.

Qin Yiyi was a person of her word.

She forced him to finish all the dishes and rice on the table by himself!

Then, she pulled Lu Jinwan and left slowly.

Behind her, Lu Jinwan’s cousin watched the two of them walk out with a complicated expression.

She subconsciously wanted to follow them. “Lu Jinwan, you…”

“If you dare to leave before sending me to the hospital…”

After forcing himself to say those words, young master Guo fell directly to the ground.

He fainted.

Lu Jinwan’s cousin hesitated for a long time before she finally made up her mind and called the ambulance.

She really did not dare to run away.

He knew where her home was. Where could she run to?

Inside the hospital.

The doctor was furious when he saw the situation. “Isn’t this just fooling around? Why did you eat so much? Your stomach is about to burst. Start the surgery immediately!”

He thought that Lu Jinwan’s cousin was a family member.

He looked directly at her. “Go pay for the procedures. You still have to sign the consent form later.”

As he said that, he shook his head. “Sigh, these youngsters nowadays don’t have any sense of propriety. How can they play such games? One day, they’ll even risk their own lives.”

Lu Jinwan’s cousin stood there without moving.

What should she pay? How could she have the money to pay it?!

Moreover, how could she dare to sign the consent form for the surgery?!

The doctor urged her for a second time. Only then did she put on a bitter face. “I-I’m just his friend…”

“Then what about his family? Where are they? Hurry up and call them over. If we wait any longer, it’ll be dangerous…”

Lu Jinwan could not bear this responsibility.

But she didn’t dare to run away like this.

In the end, she braced herself and asked for the contact number from several places in the company. The first person she called was Guo Shao’s assistant.

However, no one answered.

In the end, she finally managed to get through to one of them. She didn’t even know who it was.

She directly said that Guo Shao was undergoing surgery in the hospital.

When she hung up the phone, Lu Jinwan’s cousin, who was sitting in a chair at the side, was already somewhat numb.

How did it get to this point?

She no longer thought about her job. She was only worried about whether she would get into trouble!

The Guo family shouldn’t be angry with her, right?

She didn’t do anything!

It was all because of that wretched girl who tortured him!

In the blink of an eye, more than twenty minutes had passed.

A well-maintained middle-aged woman rushed over in a hurry. Without even looking at Lu Jinwan’s cousin who was sitting at the side, she ran straight to the doctor in the ward.

“Doctor, doctor! Where is my son?! What’s wrong with my son? You must use the best medicine and the best equipment.”

“Our family has plenty of money…”

“I just want my son to be fine…”

“Who is your son?”

The doctor was very disgusted by the other party’s words just now.

It was as if no other family had money.

Did they really think that just because they had money, they were all that great?!

However, a doctor had to understand the feelings of the patient’s family. He looked at the other party and spoke calmly, “What’s wrong with your son? Which ward is he staying in? This is…”

“Son, son, how are you? Son, who did this to you?”

Mrs. Guo was the one who cried and cursed at the perpetrator.

In her words, the other party was a heinous criminal! A heinous criminal!

At the door of the ward, Lu Jinwan’s cousin also stood up in shock. When she saw the other party, her heart skipped a beat.

The president!

The most troublesome and difficult president!

She braced herself and went forward. “President, I…”

“Who are you? Tell me! Was it you, a vixen, who seduced my son? What else do you want to do to my son?”

Mrs. Guo’s gaze could kill. Her gaze stabbed into Lu Jinwan’s cousin like a knife.

“If anything happens to my son, I’ll make you pay for it with your life!”

Lu Jinwan’s cousin used all her strength to make her move, decisively betraying Lu Jinwan and Qin Yiyi.

“It really wasn’t me who did this to young master Guo. I saw young master Guo get injured and sent him here, but I saw who hurt young master Guo…”

“Then tell me! Who hurt my son? I have to find that bastard and break his arms and legs and feed him to the sharks!”

Lu Jinwan’s cousin pretended that she didn’t notice the other party’s murderous intent.

“I saw a young girl, no, two of them. They came out of young master Guo’s room, and then I heard young master Guo shouting for help…”

“Oh right, it was in a hotel. I happened to go there to eat…”

She shed off the entire responsibility very quickly.

Lu Jinwan’s cousin had even thought that she would pack her things and go abroad later!

As for whether young master Guo hated her after he woke up and whether he would look for her…

She would hide far away first!

Didn’t Lu Jinwan not listen to her, and then deliberately let her classmate cause such a mess?

Naturally, the Guo family’s revenge would be borne by the two of them!

Mrs. Guo called almost immediately. “Go to this place and help me check the surveillance cameras, and then find out the identity of the two girls. Yes, the more detailed the better!”

Young Master Guo’s surgery had not been completed yet.

Mrs. Guo had already found out the identities of Qin Yiyi and the other two.

The main thing was that they had been wearing school uniforms in the footage, so the school uniforms of Shenghua High School were quite easy to recognize.

Qin Yiyi’s residence was close to the hospital.

With red eyes, Mrs. Guo directly ordered the person on the other end of the phone.

“Go, keep an eye on her. Once you see her leaving the house, bring her here.”

If she dared to hurt her son so badly, she would make her pay back ten times, no, a hundred times over!

Qin Yiyi didn’t let Lu Jinwan go home.

“You can stay at my house first. Anyway, tomorrow is the weekend. Call your parents and tell them that I will help you with your tutoring.”

“That’s fine too. Otherwise, I’ll definitely have to quarrel with my dad again when I go back.”

Her father had always thought that this cousin was good and wanted her to learn more from her cousin.

Look, this was what her father called good!

Qin Yiyi let Lu Jinwan stay at home to talk to her grandmother while she counted the time and wandered downstairs.

Then, she deliberately stopped at a corner.

Turning around, she grinned at a few people not far away.

“Are you looking for me?”