Chapter 179: Hot

The young girl frowned and glanced at Qin Yiyi unhappily.

“Who are you?”

She looked at Lu Jinwan, “Lu Jinwan, is this your classmate? Aren’t you picky about making friends in school? You interrupt when others are talking for no reason. This is impolite behavior. You have no upbringing! No wonder you’ve been getting worse and worse in the past two years. Don’t get involved with these people in the future.”

“Cousin, what are you talking about? What’s wrong with Yiyi? Why are you saying that Yiyi has no upbringing?”

From Lu Jinwan’s point of view, her cousin had bullied her since she was young.

She was used to it.

However, her cousin couldn’t bully her friends just because she could bully her!

Especially Yiyi!

Her tone was very unpleasant. “Cousin, if you continue to be like this, you can go shopping by yourself. I won’t go.”

It was rare for her to lose her temper with her cousin.

She had been bullied for so long.

Lu Jinwan did not think much in her anger just now. After she finished speaking, she looked up and saw her cousin’s dark face.

Her heart skipped a beat, and her eyes could not help but flicker.

“Cousin, I, I, I… Yi Yi is my friend!”

“Alright, alright, your friend is your friend. Anyway, you’ve been a pile of mud since you were young, the kind that can’t be helped. The kind of friends you make are naturally the same.”

The young girl was very disapproving.

“Can you get in the car now?”

“I’m not going.”

Lu Jinwan’s temper was also stubborn. She stood there and glared at the young girl.

“You have to apologize to Yiyi. Otherwise, you can go shopping by yourself. I don’t go shopping with people who bully my friends.”

The young girl huffed and her voice was a little cold.

“Lu Jinwan, you’re getting cocky. What, can’t I just say a few words to you?”

“Anyway, I won’t go if you don’t apologize.”

The young girl closed her eyes and glanced at Qin Yiyi without much sincerity.

“Okay, I apologize.”

“I’m sorry. I said the wrong thing just now and misunderstood your friend.”

“Is that okay? Can we get in the car now?”

Lu Jinwan nodded and reached out to pull Qin Yiyi into the car. “I’ll go with Yiyi.”

The young girl originally wanted to stop her.

She was looking for Lu Jinwan for something, but what was the point of bringing an outsider with her?

But thinking about how much Lu Jinwan valued Qin Yiyi just now…

As well as her cousin’s straightforward and simple personality.

She silently swallowed the words that were about to roll out of her mouth.

“Alright, just follow me.”

Looking at the time, she was a little anxious. “All of you, sit properly. We have to leave quickly.”

It was going to be late.

Qin Yiyi tilted her head and looked at the young girl in the driver’s seat. She smiled lightly.

“Sister, a good person will be rewarded, and a bad person will be punished.”

“What are you talking about? I’m driving, and I’m not talking to you.”

The young girl turned around and glared at Qin Yiyi. She wanted to scold her.

But for some reason, when her gaze met Qin Yiyi’s deep and distant eyes, her heart jumped wildly.

The eyes of the young girl opposite her seemed to be able to see through all of her thoughts!

Cold sweat broke out on her back.

In the end, she even found it funny. How was that possible!

She was just a little girl.

Qin Yiyi lowered her gaze and sat beside Lu Jinwan. A cold light flashed in her eyes.

Why didn’t the people in the world believe her truth?

After doing so many bad things… There was really going to be retribution.

The car stopped.

Lu Jinwan was very curious. “Cousin, didn’t you say you were going shopping?”

Why was it a hotel?

The young girl parked the car and walked over in her ten-inch high heels.

She stood in front of Lu Jinwan and looked down at her.

“I’m a little hungry. I just happened to have two friends drinking tea here, so I came to find something to eat.”

She sized up Lu Jinwan and Qin Yiyi.

She spoke unhurriedly, “The two of you probably haven’t been to such a place before, right? Alright, follow me.”

Seeing the two women standing there without moving, she shook her head in amusement.

“You must be scared silly. Don’t worry, although this place is expensive, I won’t make you pay for it.”

“Just follow me to experience it.”

Lu Jinwan looked at Qin Yiyi, feeling a little helpless.

“Yiyi? Are we really going in?”

For some reason, she suddenly felt a little uncomfortable, as if something was wrong!

Qin Yiyi smiled and looked at her. “Do as you wish. I’ll listen to you.”

Her words were absolutely sincere.

No matter what the other party had in mind, she was not afraid at all.

Not to mention one Lu Jinwan, even if there were two or three of them, she would be able to bring them out safely without harming a strand of hair!

“Why don’t we not go in?”

Just as she finished speaking, the young girl who had walked a few steps ahead turned around and looked at her.

“Lu Jinwan, what’s wrong with you? I finally came back from a business trip to meet you. Why? You don’t even give me this little bit of face?”

“If that’s the case, then I’ll have to make a phone call to ask Grandma to see if your family has a problem with me recently.”

Hearing that the other party was going to call her grandmother…

Lu Jinwan felt a headache coming. Without thinking, she blurted out, “Don’t call, cousin and I will go in!”

When her grandmother found out later, she would definitely be the first to cause trouble for her mother!

There was nothing she could do. In her grandmother’s eyes, her biological granddaughter was worth less than her other granddaughter.

In her grandmother’s eyes, she, as a granddaughter, was not even worthy to carry her cousin’s shoes, right?

Sadness and pain flashed across her eyes.

In the next moment, a hand gently patted her shoulder, and a warm voice sounded.

“What are you thinking about? You don’t have to think about those who don’t care about you. You have me. In the future, sister will take care of you!”

Lu Jinwan looked up and saw Qin Yiyi’s clear and bright eyes.

His eyes were filled with warmth and encouragement for her.

The haze in her heart disappeared completely in an instant.

She nodded heavily at Qin Yiyi. “Alright, then I’ll follow Yiyi around from now on.”

The young girl who was walking in front heard the conversation between the two girls.

A hint of disdain flashed across her eyes. Look at this, as expected, if you don’t want to learn something good, you should choose the bad one!

And she was a high school student.

This person was just a hooligan. It was really… a waste of such a good school!

In the private room on the second floor of the hotel.

Lu Jinwan had really never entered such a place before.

Her hands and feet were a little stiff as she stood in the room that was covered with carpets. She didn’t know where to put them properly.

Qin Yiyi looked at her and smiled. She reached out and held her.

“Don’t be nervous. If you don’t feel awkward walking on the street, then the one who will feel awkward will definitely be someone else!”

Lu Jinwan pursed her lips and smiled when she heard this. She followed Qin Yiyi’s footsteps.

The young girl was already talking to the two boys inside. Her voice was flirtatious with a hint of blame.

“I already said that I wanted to go shopping with my cousin, yet you guys still came so late…”

“Yo, this must be our cousin. Our little cousin is really good-looking…”

One of the boys walked directly to Lu Jinwan, but his gaze fell on Qin Yiyi.

This chick was really f*cking hot!