48 Hours a Day – Chapter 716 – In The Name Of Justice

Chapter 716: In The Name Of Justice

Considering how dangerous it was to become a player, many of the capable ones would have a trump card to handle critical situations.

1810 was no exception. His trump card was a Grade-C game item that went by the name “Feign Death.” In other words, 1810 had two grade-C game items with him. It was a secret even his team members knew nothing about.

Feign Death was an elementary game item. Basically, it allowed the user to fake their death in front of everyone, where the illusion would last for fifteen minutes. If someone touched the user’s body, however, the item’s effect would be nullified.

While 1810 took his time walking from the first floor to the third, he was actually watching out for Shen Dongxing’s ambush and looking for a spot where he could use his Feign Death. Whether Yogurt or Shen Dongxing, none of the two realized that 1810 had sneaked out of the mall after he faked his death.

Since 1810 now knew that Yogurt had orchestrated the whole thing from the beginning, he was no longer concerned about her safety. Hence, he only had one thing to do tonight, and that was to kill Shen Dongxing.

The latter’s absence in the mall surprised 1810. However, he strongly believed that Shen Dongxing had to be somewhere nearby. After reading the information that Shen Xixi provided him, he now knew the nature of the relationship between them both.

Yogurt had never developed romantic feelings for Shen Dongxing, who, however, was completely obsessed with Yogurt.

1810 was a man too, and he was once a young lad. He knew exactly what a boy that age was thinking about.

When the girl he liked was in danger, no matter how strong or weak he was, he couldn’t just watch and do nothing from a distance.

The person who shot 1810 was 1810 himself. He killed his own illusion to create chaos and to disrupt Yogurt’s plan. After he killed his illusion, he turned his gun and fired at Yogurt. This was to prevent her from checking his dead body downstairs. The second reason he did that was to force Shen Dongxing’s hand when he saw Yogurt getting attacked.

As expected, Shen Dongxing went all out to save Yogurt. He mechanized the remaining figurines he had and rushed them to the mall. When he did that, his location was immediately exposed.

He was about to pay a huge price for his actions.

1810 knew that Shen Dongxing had taken the bait. He did not enter the internet café, however, because what he was about to do was illegal.

So he quietly walked to the other side of the café, where he could see what would happen in Shen Dongxing’s private cubicle.

1810 didn’t need to spend too much effort looking for Shen Dongxing. The latter was sitting in front of the computer and looked very anxious. From time to time, he would look in the mall’s direction through the window. The poor guy hadn’t realized that he had actually been targeted.

“You can only blame your bad luck.”

1810 was just about to pull the trigger when he heard a voice nearby talking to him.

“Is this necessary?”

Shen Xixi emerged from the corner of the convenience store, looking at 1810 with a solemn expression.

1810 was surprised to see Shen Xixi.

“How did you find this place?”

Before waiting for the other party to answer, 1810 stressed in a deep voice, “Tonight’s matter has nothing to do with you. You’d better not get involved. I will pay him the four hundred points left by your friend.”

“And the price of that is? A young and innocent life?”

“I agree with young, but he is far from innocent. If he didn’t stick his nose into my business, he would not have lost his life today.” 1810’s last sentence carried a hint of threat.

From a rational standpoint, 1810 did not want to be Shen Xixi’s enemy. Although he had never seen her fighting with anyone before, he knew she was an upright and righteous woman. Some might not fully agree with Shen Xixi’s philosophy, but one could not deny that it was good to have someone like her as a friend.

Therefore, the consequences of killing Shen Xixi and an insignificant otaku like Shen Dongxing were completely different. But at this point, it would be hard to put a stop to his plan. And now 1810 had a new problem. Even if he killed Shen Dongxing, he couldn’t escape the law since Shen Xixi watched him. In other words, his only way to completely absolve himself from this mess was to kill Shen Xixi after he killed Shen Dongxing.

Fortunately, 1810’s problem did not last too long.

A figure then came out of the Internet café.

1810 subconsciously pointed the muzzle at the person. To his surprise, his opponent reacted faster than him. The person took out a pistol, casually pulled the trigger, and the bullet landed on 1810’s weapon, dead on target.

“Meeting a person who’s willing to reason with you is something you should cherish,” Zhang Heng said, “most wouldn’t waste their time negotiating with you.”

Immediately, 1810’s expression changed. The person he feared most was none other than Zhang Heng himself. When the two met for the first time, he knew nothing about the young lad. However, he had to admit that if it were not for Zhang Heng, they would have never captured the mechanical Sphinx. Considering Zhang Heng ranked first in the proxy war’s leaderboard, 1810 knew that he was not powerful enough to defeat an opponent like him.

So he was smart enough to put down his weapon. He then raised both of his hands to tell Zhang Heng that he wanted to surrender.

Although he acted aggressively tonight, he killed nobody in the end. It meant Shen Xixi didn’t need to eliminate or punish him. At most, she would make him pay Zhang Heng the remaining game points he owed and give him a verbal warning.

Zhang Heng glanced at Shen Xixi. The latter’s expression, too, seemed a little hesitant. After a while, she took out a small scale and said to 1810, “I am no judge, and I am not qualified to judge you. Since this is a player’s matter, we can’t hand you over to the police. However, you did attempt to kill someone, and I can’t just let you off the hook without doing anything. Since this is the situation, we can only let the Justice Scale judge you.”

Zhang Heng could see that Shen Xixi did not really want to use her Justice Scale on 1810, but unfortunately, there was no other way to deal with him. In the end, she took the scale and walked towards 1810.

1810’s expression became tense. As a player, he knew that different game items were used in different situations. The scale Shen Xixi held looked unusual, not to mention the powerful aura of righteousness it exuded.

1810 attempted to stay calm, but he felt more and more guilty when he looked at the scale. In the end, his legs went soft, and he could not help but kneel on the ground. Shen Xixi stood still in front of him and sighed. In one hand, she held the scale, the other, placed on 1810’s head. She then said sternly.

“In the name of justice, I shall now judge your evil deeds!”